Unveil the Hidden Treasures of Life in ‘enGULFed’

Unveil the Hidden Treasures of Life in ‘enGULFed’
  1. Could you give a synopsis of your book and how it tackles the main issues facing society today

    Words can convey messages to readers through several aspects such as emotion, experience , notable challenges during the process of experiences etc.

My book “enGULFed “ is my own experiences during the First Gulf War waged between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We encountered   War time fear, anxiety and at the same time had the endurance to face the hardships. Originally  I had written this book in Tamil. The translation was done by my friend’s husband Sri.K.S.Sampath Kumar.

Facing war chaos during war time is more challenging !

From the date we departed from Chennai to Saudi Arabia to the date when a cease -fire was announced in the Gulf War, whatever we underwent, experienced and felt had been written by me. This book would reveal , “ The greatest glory in living does not lie in never falling..but in rising every time we fall and the courage to continue that counts.”

When we unexpectedly get into trouble, we should make our mind strong to bear the situation and patiently wait for the day of victory .

  1. What experiences or knowledge do you bring to the subject matter of this book, and what motivated you to create it?

    Experiencing War activities, Siren sounds, Bombing , Missile attacks , Police Patrolling and the Interception of Patriots over the Missiles etc are very frightening , thrilling and life threatening  really cannot be unforgettable. During the Gulf I experienced it all with my family. Each day a nightmare comes to my mind that makes me unable to get sleep for almost 25 days ... .made me to write this book to reveal my panic to the world .

    When I was a student I used to read about wars and the after war effects and the people’s agony and distress. When I myself witnessed all these war effects….i felt like sparing and sharing my feelings to the people.

I pose myself as a  war witnessed  lady and would like to record my feelings and experiences to the world. How I made myself a strong lady with three kids during war time with a brave mind .

  1. Could you highlight some of the most important lessons or revelations that readers should anticipate from your book?

    As I said earlier my book is about my own war experiences, like Anandam Pillai Diary , during the French War team. I did write about the exciting day in my life when I spent in Saudi Arabia. Readers could wonder how a war affects civilians and the feeling of anxiety every day.

    In history , we study war and its root causes and chaos . while reading my feeling of anxiety whether scud missiles might fall on our head one day or other and the panic might have given terror in the minds of the readers. I made the readers turn on pages while they read my book.
  2. Could you point out any case studies or actual situations from your book that exemplify the ideas you talk about?

    I heard from the newspaper that many of the expatriates living in the rural areas near Kuwait and Khafji got wounded and some died. I was almost crying for them.

    So, war is not at all acceptable . war should be avoided .

    At the same time, if it happens, the Government and the Military should help civilians lead a better life providing essential commodities. In my book, l appreciated the Saudi Arabian King and American Military actions.
  3. What specific difficulties and roadblocks did you face while writing this book, and how did you get beyond them?

    I have challenges while writing the book. When the siren sound was heard along with the Muscent call for Morning Prayer Allah Ho Akbar, at times, I was very much in stress. Repeated times I experienced the Siren with the Big Lorry and Truck sounds…I was disturbed….for about 25 days I couldn't sleep. Some how I overcome the fear…and continue my writings as days went on.
  4. How do you want your book to improve readers' lives and what do you hope they will learn from reading it?

 The impact is such as making the readers travel with me with the same anxiety till the last day of victory over Saddam Husein.


  1. How does your book continue to be relevant and readable over time in a world that is changing quickly?

My book “enGULFed “ would definitely help the Historians to know the impact of Coalition forces on the Missile attacks and  the Patriots. Thrilled to hear and watch the interception of missiles in the mid air.

Patriots like God’s weapon and the scuds from Iraq are like Asuran. The Mid air show was telecasted in Television as a real cinema.   As a whole anyone today or tomorrow reads my book, definitely they feel terror. Like a thriller, I had narrated all. For readers my book reveals the truth of war.


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