Unveil Life's Mysteries: 'Finding You - Echoes of Fate' by Dr. Ritu Singh. Experience Joy, Sorrow, and Unexpected Twists.

Unveil Life's Mysteries: 'Finding You - Echoes of Fate' by Dr. Ritu Singh. Experience Joy, Sorrow, and Unexpected Twists.
  1. How did the plot of this particular book come to you, and what motivated you to create it?


I fall under the category of people who carefully observe the nuances of everything happening around them, especially emotional pursuits. Being number 7 I am creative,spiritual,intuitive and always intrigued by the fact that how two souls nourish each other’s emotional needs. Idea of ‘Rishi Agnihotri’,the male protagonist in the story, is the kind of guy every girl thinks of,so it was an easy task to create a fictional character like him. As my bio says, I am a deep thinker and as I immersed myself in the imaginary world, the story built itself .


  1. Could you elaborate on your writing process? Do you have any special rituals or a set schedule that you follow to help you enter the creative flow?


I kept myself immersed in the world of imaginal being indifferent to all the unproductive chaos going around to a certain extent.


  1. Your book's characters are incredibly unique and unforgettable. Did they develop solely from your imagination, or are they based on actual people?

The characters evolved purely out of my imagination .

  1. Your book explores [a particular topic or problem]. What inspired you to investigate this issue, and what ideas or conversations do you want readers to have after reading your writing?

If something unfortunate happens to you , that doesn’t mean it's the end of the world. Instead of being despondent one should look forward hoping for good and positive coming to fore. Being positive under any circumstance is the message I hope readers will take away from my work .


  1. Your novel has very detailed and engaging world-building. How did you go about building it up, and were there any historical events or real-world locales that you used as inspiration?


No , I have not taken any inspiration from any real world location or historical event .


  1. In writing, how do you strike a compromise between the demands of the genre and the necessity for originality? Did adding your own special touch on well-known elements provide any difficulties?


Being naive and not being distantly related to the world of literature and publishing or any trend , I just followed my heart . 


  1. The narrative moves at a well-paced pace that holds readers' attention throughout. How do you keep the story moving forward and keeping tension high throughout?

I am a hopelessly emotional and romantic person myself and an overthinker too . So for me it was something that came naturally .


  1. In a time when media and reader preferences are changing quickly, how do you see the traditional storytelling function changing, and how do you modify your work to appeal to modern audiences?

Chetan Bhagat once said in an interview that traditional storytelling is still the highest mode of entertainment and I believe him . From my previous book I got the reviews like , people could relate to the story and felt a certain connection. My writing approach is realistic and readers will definitely be able to relate their real life incidents with this story as well.


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