The Great Indian Wedding Drama setting the vibe everywhere

The Great Indian Wedding Drama setting the vibe everywhere

Bringing his confidence and charm to every function he hosts,Wedding Entertnment machine @rajvyasis rocking wedding Season 2023 with 'THE GREAT INDIAN WEDDING DRAMA'! His effortless portrayal of various characters fused with his signature wit and humor is loved by all.

Weddings ka raj aka Raj vyas making the mark everywhere with his spellbound anchorng skills & new concepts.

‘When few clients planed their itinerary as per my availability is a blessing’

Till now the wedding season is fantastic for everyone & best is yet to come in the coming months.

Raj Vyas, aka ‘Weddings Ka Raj," is all set to entertain the gathering with his charm and confidence. Indian weddings are extravagant affairs with a host of ceremonies and rituals, and what makes them more fun and enjoyable is the presence of an entertaining wedding host.

Raj Vyas is a Mumbai-based award-winning wedding host and a complete family entertainer with vast experience anchoring multiple events like live musical concerts, wedding sangeets, family performances, and corporate events. His effortless portrayal of various characters fused with his signature wit and humour is loved all across India and on the global stage, and this wedding season he is all set to deliver spectacular performances with his spellbound anchoring skills and new concepts.

Popularly known as the "Wedding Specialist Host" for destination weddings, Raj has been a part of this industry for more than eight years and has delivered more than one thousand power-packed performances both in India and other countries.

He is a Certified Anchor from the prestigious "Presenters Network, London" and a ZeeCineStar State Winner. He is a distinguished anchor whose trendy and unique dressing is the highlight of all wedding festivities, apart from his energy levels and quirky sense of humour.

Mr. Raj Vyas, aka Weddings Ka Raj," is known for his confidence, charm, and demeanor. He adds a dash of fun to every event with his spontaneity. His energetic temperament has also added to his list of stellar performances, and he feels truly blessed when his clients plan their itineraries as per his availability.

The Wedding Entertainment Machine, Raj Vyas, stands tall and on top and has set a benchmark by winning the silver award for best male emcee or master of ceremonies for weddings at the Wedding Sutra Influencer Awards 2022. Raj expresses that "when you give your 100% to your creative work and it gets recognised and appreciated on such a massive platform, it doubles the energy."

His thought leadership and flawless execution shaped the wedding market last year, as he was booked for shows throughout the lockdown, especially on auspicious days and prominent muhurats. He's been a part of some of the biggest Indian weddings and is now gearing up to rock the wedding season of 2023 with "The Great Indian Wedding Drama"! 

Since Indian weddings involve lavish round-the-clock festivities, the presence of wedding hosts and anchors is a must to keep up with the guests' spirits and entertain them. Raj Vyas is the most sought-after wedding anchor who guarantees a successful show and leaves no stone unturned as client satisfaction is the priority for him. He values every client’s hard-earned money and dreams of organising the wedding function successfully.

The highly-paid wedding anchor loves to customise the wedding concept as per the client’s taste and offers various concepts for them to choose from. Every event showcases a new side of him, be it Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Carnival, a pool party, or an after-party.

Raj Vyas' journey to becoming India's most popular wedding host began with roadshows and working as a receptionist in a lodge. Following that, his dedication and hard work allowed him to demonstrate his talent on TV shows, and he was given numerous opportunities to work with reputable channels. Raj Vyas has hosted programmes on channels like Mastii TV, Colors, Star Plus, Sahara One, and News Express.

Apart from anchoring Raj is an established actor who has displayed his acting skills in popular TV shows like Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma and Diya Aur Baati Hum. His acting skills have helped him greatly get into character while performing for any event, as he approaches the stage as an actor whose aura makes all the difference. The innovative wedding anchor has testimonials of endorsement from celebrated Bollywood personas like Govinda, Kareena, Ritik, and Shaimak Dawar. In addition, he boasts more than 120 national and international clients who value his work for his entertainment quotient.

The well-paid wedding anchor ensures a successful show and goes above and beyond to successfully organise the wedding function. Every event reveals a brand-new dimension of him, and he is a pure example of a passionate person filled with creativity. Besides weddings, Raj is equally skilled and polished in hosting corporate shows, concerts, musical shows, and game shows.

Weddings Ka Raj, aka Raj Vyas, the engaging name says a lot about the famed Indian wedding entertainer’s calibre. He believes that "Indian weddings are all about entertainment, and if a hungry artist gets an opportunity to deliver new ideas with a fresh and entertaining approach, then it’s a win-win situation".




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