Get ready to be drenched in “BARSAAT KA PANI” by Pradyum this RAINY SEASON!

Get ready to be drenched in “BARSAAT KA PANI” by Pradyum this RAINY SEASON!

Pradyum, a Kolkata-based singer-songwriter, is about to release “barsaat ka pani” this rainy season. He has previously released songs like Dil main choopa loon, Hindustani Hindustani, Jaana na Jaana, Teri meri yaadein, guzarish, Kabhi na Kabhi, yaar Mohabbat etc.

This song holds a very special place in his heart. It expresses the emotions of people who are not together with their loved ones during the rainy season. The rain rekindles the fire of love in peoples’ hearts, and this song aims to express it in words. 

He says: the whole purpose of making music for me is expressing what people struggle to express, and this song also is an outcome of that. Every song I write has a story behind it, this song has been written in memory of a special one who is not with me anymore, and the romantic rainy season we used to enjoy together reminded me of her. I think many people do remember their exes the most in this romantic rainy season. I am hoping this song will strike the right chords in peoples’ hearts, and they will shower their love on “BARSAAT KA PANI.” 

He has been into music since 2016, and he also talked about releasing many more originals from this year onwards. As an independent artist, he does everything from lyrics writing to composing, then producing the music for it and then singing the song and mixing and mastering it himself, that’s why it is tough to release many songs, but he is trying his best to come up with good original melodies and meaningful lyrics as many as possible,

He further talks about how difficult it is for independent artists to reach out to the audience with their original songs without any label or any kind of big budget promotion as people mostly tend to listen to songs which feature famous artists or big actors/models, radios only play famous songs, thus not Giving much space to independent artists to reach out, but I am glad that labels like “merchant records” are giving great opportunities to new talent and some fresh, original music is reaching out to masses. And in the near future, there might be many more opportunities for indie artists, as people are more open towards independent music than before. 

He says, “I myself have created a platform called singyourway, which enables independent artists to get their music produced in a reasonable rate and also provides earning opportunities for music producers. I plan to make this bigger in future so that it can serve as a full-time employment opportunity for music producers and become a much more affordable music production platform for indie artists! Coming back to “barsaat ka pani”, I hope it reaches out to a large number of audience and people enjoy it

Get ready to be drenched in “BARSAAT KA PANI” and feel the emotion of pain and love once again this rainy season, 

Further announcements about this song and other upcoming songs will be made on his Instagram. 

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