Ronak Papad: Making Mealtime Spicier Since 1995

Ronak Papad: Making Mealtime Spicier Since 1995

Papad is a staple item at every meal in many Indian homes, even breakfast. Papad is a timeless dish that is beloved by all ages. Everyone loves their papad to taste the best. While there are many papad manufacturers in India, one that has been pleasing the palates of many Indians for the past 27 years is Ronak Papad And Spices.

The company was established in 1995 by Purshottam Bhavsar with an aim to serve best quality papad and spices.

Purshottam Bhavsar, a B.Com graduate, originally hailed from Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh. In search of a "greener" Pasteur, he moved with his family to Ahmedabad. However, unable to find a decent job to support his family, Bhavsar began selling his wife's handmade papads, which quickly became popular among his customers.

With little competition, Purshottam Bhavsar saw this as an opportunity to build his own brand, and he soon launched Ronak. Purshottam's wife began making papads in bulk with the help of other women in the neighbourhood, which he sold door-to-door in the evening.

He also started keeping an extra masala sachet inside the papad packets so that customers could later sprinkle it over the papad and customise the flavour. This concept resonated, and Ronak Papad quickly became a household name.

What began as a modest endeavour has grown in stature. Ronak Papad has gone through a massive transformation in the last 27 years, from handcrafted locally by women to machine-made.

Purshottam Bhavsar's son, Vishal Bhavsar, an electrical engineering graduate, joined the business in 2015 and it is he who now runs the business following his father's footsteps.

Ronak Papad and Spices has persevered in the face of adversity, including the COVID-19 pandemic. The father-and-son duo has never stopped experimenting with their papads, even producing a one-kilogram papad on occasion.

From a meagre profit of Rs 4 on its first day, Ronak Papad now produces around 400 kilogrammes of papad every day.

Ronak papad is now available not only in Gujarat, but also in several other states and cities, including Maharashtra.

A business that was previously run solely from the comforts of their home has now moved to a factory.

Ronak, which belongs to the food and manufacturing sectors of the FMCG sector, is more than just a brand for the Bhavasars; it is their soul and heart.

So, what makes Ronak Papad stand out from the other papad brands on the market?

Ronak Papad and Spices never compromises on quality or taste, and it is made entirely from organic ingredients. To make the papads, the company uses only the best spices, pulses, and mustard oil.

Ronak, like many other companies, does not add preservatives to extend shelf life.

Kalyug Mein Satyug Jesi Sudhata, which means "Purity Like Satyug in Kalyug," is their ideology, and their goal is to produce only pure products.

If you haven't tried Ronak papads yet, why not? And if you don't like the taste, don't worry; the company promises to refund your money.

To know more about them, visit their website Also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Go, grab your crunchy papad right now!