Plumb5, a Unique Solution to Turn all your Leads into Sales

Plumb5's technology is taking over the digital marketing industry by storm and is all set to celebrate its silver jubilee.

Plumb5, a Unique Solution to Turn all your Leads into Sales

Founded in 2010 by visionary entrepreneurs Vijay Chander and Raju Ramakrishnan, Plumb5 took up the challenge to transform the landscape of digital marketing industry. It is one of the early birds to develop the first party Data collection ability, and roll out real-time engagements across omni-channel.

Plumb5, a pioneer in Data Automation 

Realising the need for a seamless automated data collection platform, led to the birth of Plumb5, a smart integrated data platform developed by decisive analytical systems. 

With its user-friendly interface Plumb5 engages customers at every touch point. To keep a tab on the virtual footprint of the customers, Plumb5 computes behaviour with its machine-driven intelligent automation. That turns customers’ past and present behaviour into information. Thereby, improving customer’s experience and turning them into leads. 

Plumb5's Advanced Customer State Machine: 

Plumb5 is a pioneer in advance marketing, providing deeper understanding of customer behaviour to help tailor smart strategies. Which further aids customer satisfaction, loyalty and profitability. 

Plumb5’s AI enabled real time customer engagement platform allows small, medium as well as large scale businesses to engage with their customers. Offering them a user-friendly experience, which improves customer experience and revenue conversations.    

Plumb5 is a bridge for both marketing and sales. It enables them to resolve issues or silos arising from the evaluation of the digital marketing function to provide Omnichannel Marketing Automation and measurability for continuous improvement.

What makes Plumb5 Best Marketing & Sales Automation Platform

Plumb5 empowers its customers with a dynamic user-friendly framework, that makes customer traction easy. Their smart customer state machine identifies customers based on their interactions and demographics. 

Once, it identifies the customers, their behaviour is assessed and grouped based on their preferences and characteristics. Thereby, encouraging engagement through mails or social media. Then these customers are converted into sales by offering promotions and are retained for the long term. After which, insights are gathered through feedbacks. 

What they offer:

With its customer centric approach, Plumb5 engages its customers right from their journey as an anonymous visitor to a customer ambassador. 

Plumb5 helps businesses to perform in a single platform by solving their MQL to SQL. They specialise in online marketing, web analytics and personalization, online-offline data integration, lead generation, social engagement and marketing automation. Its automated platform offers businesses to work on an auto pilot mode without worrying. 

Which has made Plumb5, a proud winner of Marketing Automation Vendor of the Year and the Best Marketing Personalisation Tool.

About the Man behind Plumb5’s Success:

Vijay Chander is a pioneer in the realm of data-driven marketing automation. He is the visionary CEO and co-founder of Plumb5, a real-time customer engagement platform. 

Vijay is an alumnus of SJCE, Mysore from where he pursued his course in Mechanical Engineering. His expertise in leveraging data analytics and advanced AI-driven solutions has helped Plumb5 to emerge as a trailblazer in the field. Vijay’s unwavering love for technology and his profound efforts has steered Plumb5 to monumental success.

Choose Plumb5, that identifies customer behaviour to create sales. 

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