Master Spoken English Fluency In 21 Days (2 Mins/Day)

(Revolutionizing English Learning: Breaking the Myths, Transforming Lives @Just Rs 1/-) 22-05-2024: Thane, Maharashtra In an exciting new initiative, Professor Amit Kr. Mehta, Govt. MBA College Professor and language expert, is sharing a new way to get really good at speaking English. He mission is to help 100 crore Indians all over India with his fresh and easy method MMP-43 that challenges the usual ways of mastering Spoken English Fluency.

Master Spoken English Fluency In 21 Days (2 Mins/Day)

Usual logic says to speak English well, you need to know a lot of grammar, memorize long lists of words, read boring textbooks, and do lots of dull and boring exercises. But Professor Mehta says this is a lie, which the Spoken English institutes have been promoting since decades so their shop can keep selling their grammar-based courses, which are inefficient and do not guarantee fluency even after months of practice.

He believes you can learn to speak English fluently minus all that hard work. Prof. Mehta has helped more than 10,000 students and uses his experience to introduce the concept of MMP-43, a new idea that focuses on learning English naturally instead of using traditional teaching methods.

And thanks to AI, learners can become fluent in speaking English in just 21 days by spending only 2 minutes each day i.e., just 42 minutes. 

This method does away with the need for grammar exercises, big dictionaries, or lots of reading. Instead, it offers a simple, quick and practical way to learn that anyone can use, no matter their background or how much English they know already.

This revolutionary method is giving hope to crores of Indians who had always wanted to speak English but could not do it because of the traditional methods of learning.  

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