NOTO: A Movement of Making Desserts Tasty, Healthy and Guilt-free

NOTO: A Movement of Making Desserts Tasty, Healthy and Guilt-free

NOTO is a healthy dessert brand founded in 2019, which soon became the industry leader in the healthy ice cream space. Co-founded by Ashni Shah and Varun Sheth, NOTO isn’t simply an ice cream brand but also a platform that promotes guilt-free indulgence for people looking to satisfy their sweet cravings without worrying about the calorie count. 


The Creators

Ashni Shah is a Media and Communication graduate from St. Xavier’s College who blends her love for fashion and media with business insights in dessert creation. In contrast, chef maestro Varun Sheth from National Honors School faced challenges with his health while curbing sweet cravings, which led to creating delicious yet healthy desserts through NOTO.


Brand Philosophy

NOTO’s mission is to let its customers indulge in delicious desserts that are not only a party for your taste buds but healthy too. Low-calorie, high-protein ice cream and innovative mini bites are among their products that are in line with the brand's belief that “food doesn’t cheat.” The brand recently launched Baked Greek Yogurt Cheesecakes, proving their dedication to health combined with indulgence.


Quality applications and processes

NOTO boasts of sourcing the freshest and cleanest ingredients for its products. Whether it is juicy fruit in popsicles or creamy vanilla in ice cream, every element speaks of quality and taste. The unique product preparation process enhances the flavours, making it a delightful and flavourful experience for every consumer.


Unique Location and Market Presence

NOTO has an online and offline presence in the dessert market. It is meeting the demand for healthy desserts by dominating food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato. Moreover, it has ensured its market dominance through its presence on Quick Commerce platforms such as Instamart and Zepto. NOTO’s premium offerings are also available at high-end stores such as Nature’s Basket and Noble Chemists, which attract health-conscious dessert lovers. The brand is currently available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.


Differentiating Factor

What sets the brand apart is its refusal to let people think that healthy sweets do not taste good. Every product tastes great but remains healthy; this is a testimonial to NOTO’s commitment. Particularly, feedback from customers managing diabetes proves that they have achieved the goal of offering guilt-free indulgence, making it easier to enjoy ice cream without worrying about health issues. The latest developments by NOTO, the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich, and Baked Greek Yogurt Cheesecake have become a hit during the festive season, combining flavour and health into one for sweet tooth fans.