HypeDevi: Timeless Elegance For The Unique You

HypeDevi:  Timeless Elegance For The Unique You

It's quite apparent how fashion has gradually evolved and continues to evolve with new trends every day throughout history. From ethnic traditional attire to Western wear and indo-western, multiple factors are responsible for this conversion in fashion. Along with other things, Tradition, Art, and culture over centuries have always inspired the fashion industry to bring something new and different to the people. Art and fashion have been closely interweaved for centuries as art can accustom to any contemporary trends or tastes given its timeless nature.  Today, multiple brands in India continue to follow and keep the customs of tradition, art, and culture alive and intact through their offerings by presenting different factions of handicrafts like hand embroidery, needlework, textile handicrafts, and many more art forms depicting the diverse traditions and vibrant culture of India.


Among these brands, HypeDevi is a women-headed South Asian multidimensional clothing and accessory brand launched by Surbhi Sachdeva in 2022. The brand envisions serving women with products imbibed with the blend of art and fashion that empower them to express their individuality. HypeDevi deals with a vast collection of textile accessories and apparel, thoughtfully curated with a combination of Indian Handicrafts and contemporary textile designs to make a statement. Both the products and approach of the brand are liked by its Western and domestic consumers, and with their unwavering love and support, HypeDevi has spread its wings across 9 countries.



The Soul of HypeDevi

India is diverse in its vibrant traditional and cultural heritage and has inspired fashion designers for ages to create something artistic. The country's rich culture and history also influenced Surbhi Sachdeva, the visionary behind HypeDevi. Surbhi, a talented fashion designer and entrepreneur from Delhi studied fashion design at the National Insitute of Fashion Technology, and then studied Fashion Marketing at the Academy of Art. She began her career as a fashion designer and started her fashion label, HypeDevi, in 2022. Taking inspiration from her interest in mythology, psychology, and philosophy, Surbhi allocated two words, “Hype” a colloquial street word, and “Devi” a Sanskrit word, to name her brand. Her love for art, culture, and fashion is apparent in how she uses vibrant colours in her products and believes these are ways of expressing one’s individuality.


Nurturing Your Dreams Like Ours

The fashion industry is a super competitive field, with every designer and brand striving to reach their audience and attain their attention. HypeDevi is a brand that has set high standards for its competitors with its unique core values, USPs, and vision that distinguishes it from others in the market. By offering universal designs and bridging the gap between modern and traditional, HypeDevi stands as a brand like no other. It empowers women by equipping them with equal opportunities, as the workforce behind its exquisite products is 70% women. It creates each product with patience, meticulous effort, and high attention to detail. The brand believes in a zero-waste mechanism by reusing all fabric scraps to make the base for other products to restrict its contribution to the junkyards.



HypeDevi is a brand where every product is as unique as its wearer and thoughtfully designed for its customers to recognize the individuality that exists within them. It soon aims to become a globally recognized name by sending the message of individuality and its love for craft.