Personality transformations, not easy but the right guide can make it a cakewalk: Enlightens RASHMI PUSHKARS TRAININGS

Personality transformations, not easy but the right guide can make it a cakewalk: Enlightens RASHMI PUSHKARS TRAININGS

RPTS (RASHMI PUSHKARS TRAININGS & SYSTEM.)- Training, Consultations (Business & Education), Personal Professional Coaching, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Voice-over Projects, Dubbings, and Counseling, RPTS is in the premium venture of providing result-oriented solutions. The primary goal of the company is to provide training to people of all ages and demographics.


The Managing director- TR. RASHMI DESHMUKH PAPALKAR (MBA) whilst only at the age of 15, was awarded the Indian Government's National Award as the BEST SPEAKER OF INDIA. She is a natural communicator! In 2011, she earned an International Trainer certification and was named the BEST TRAINER OF INDIA AWARD in Bangkok, Thailand.  Received Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar in Mumbai in 2018. Received best Lady Entrepreneur Award in 2019. Received Yuva Ratna puraskar at Pune in 2021. Felicitated by MIT World peace university on women's day in Pune. She is a business coach, life coach, and successful entrepreneur. She is a Spiritual Healer, NLP Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Tarot Card Master, Numerologist, Relationship Counsellor, Voice Over Artist, and a Fantastic Anchor. She has been successfully running her firm RPTS ( Rashmi Pushkars Training & System) in Pune Maharashtra for the last 10+ years. She is a Professional Speaker also known as a Dialogue consultant in her Industry, dealing in speech development and script preparation training.


The label RPTS is uniquely different from others in the market as their services are client-centric and offer an array of services customized accordingly.


  • They offer online and offline sessions and their expertise is political industry.
  • Entrepreneurs, instructors, doctors, and lawyers are the primary clientele to whom they train for their day-to-day presentations and election speeches.
  • In the offline segment, they organize a 3 Day practical batch in various areas in Maharashtra. Here in each batch, they take 25-30 admissions and then train them about how to decrease stage fear or how to write down any speech.
  • Many additional areas like tone, facial expression development, body language in meetings, and mic handling are part of this training.
  • It is a thorough inside-out transformation training for any professional who wants to boost their confidence and roar on stage.
  • They also offer one-on-one consultations to politicians and other professionals. This is entirely personal, and coaching takes at least 30 hours to complete the course.
  • The online component is for the general public and anyone who wishes to improve their stage presence or communication skills.


Starting from scratch and making it so big in today’s times is no easy challenge yet Rashmi DESHMUKH PAPALKAR  never lost her determination and zeal to pursue her passion and make dreams come true. Indeed when one is adamant to make things work nothing can stop them from doing so. Today her identity and her brand are one of the premium labels in the market where she completely devotes her time and energy to transforming lives with a 100 percent success rate assured. After nearly a decade, she now operates a reputable firm with a squad. Dealing with exceptionally large and notable clients, including businessmen, legislators, and ministers This is exactly where she found herself in the process. The speech development market is massive, and she considers it an honor to claim that she is a premium quality speaker and a brand of her line of work. She mostly works with VIP political clientele and has a 100% success rate in terms of results.


So without much adieu contact her today for like-changing transformations. It is indeed rare to find genuine talents working for the betterment of others than just running a corporation commercially invested. Thus the below-mentioned addresses are available for you to ping her today and get an appointment.