Mental Health Coach Latha Tater is rebuilding the society that's free from mental health issues.

Mental Health Coach Latha Tater is rebuilding the society that's free from mental health issues.

People have been experiencing mental health related problems for ages. These issues grew bigger from the overuse of technology and electronic gadgets. Moreover, children are suffering from these kinds of issues severely. It’s creating the adverse effect on them. This is where the psychologists are coming into the larger picture.


Latha Tater is a Psychologist and a Parenting Coach. However she also has a good name and has done many courses related to Art Therapy, Graphotherapy, Music Therapy, Child Psychology, Cyber Psychology, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness Meditation. The 34 year old entrepreneur from Mysore is the founder of Latha’s Mind Hub which provides online psychological training services through counseling, workshops and awareness programs. It is working from Bangalore. Her foundation is registered under MSME with the ISO certificate of 9001:2015.

It all started few years ago. Latha was born and brought up in a Palace city Mysore, Karnataka. She was an introvert from her childhood. Her self-esteem was also low for which she was always scared to speak and have a voice in public.

She completed her graduation and got a job in L&T Company where she worked for 2 years there. Along with the work she also completed her post graduation in mathematics. Later she got married and left the work after being involved in the household works.

Latha always wanted to be financially independent and enjoy the life to the fullest. But her confidence level was low which was hampering her growth. However, her husband was cooperative and could motivate her in every step.

But her life started shattering when her husband was falling ill frequently. They couldn’t even notice the problem for 6 months even after going through many medical tests. The results were ambiguous and couldn’t come to any decision. Later they consulted a psychiatrist to test a solution. Latha’s husband was diagnosed with clinical depression for which he had to be on medication for almost a year. Eventually he became normal like earlier.


But in this process, Latha understood the importance of mental health and how being mentally strong can eventually be helpful to lead a happy life. This ignited a spark in her to gain interest towards mental health and spread awareness among the people. She with a determined spirit took many training programs and pursued courses to gain the knowledge about this mental health. 


Later she brought her dream into existence by giving a kickstart to her foundation called Latha’s Mind Hub in February 2022. She decided to give people knowledge about mental health and its benefits through online sessions. But her beginning was not as satisfactory as she had expected. She experienced the difficulty in growing it as she didn't have any clue how the online business works. With a never giving up attitude, she again took courses about online business, digital marketing, coaching programs which eventually helped her to make a move.


Latha started conducting workshops on core issues of mental health for Children like anger management, study skills for success, overcoming exam anxiety, improving focus and concentration, boosting memory skills, kindness and empathy, self regulation skills, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, cyber bullying, online gaming addiction and many society centric issues. From these workshops, Latha started receiving amazing responses from the parents as their children were reaping the benefits from these workshops and there were improvements in their behavior. This boosted her confidence and pushed her to delve more in the business.


Latha carried the same confidence in conducting the workshops for the parents too. She organized the training sessions and programs for parents and psychology students on self care, mental detox, calm parenting, mindfulness, therapeutic art techniques, management strategies to handle children’s behavioral problems, anger management, stress management and others. 


Latha conducted more than 100 workshops and training sessions till now. She went a step ahead and started a vent out session through her organization by name 'Unwind your worries' to remove the emotional baggage for people. This is absolutely free of cost 1:1 session which is held every Tuesday. Through these Latha is working her best to educate the society about mental health, stress management, anger management and other related issues. 


Latha’s exploration won’t stop here. She is also a Bestselling Author. Her e-book ‘Calm Your Child’s Anger’ which she launched under the guidance of Inspiring Jatin has hit the No. 1 spot on Amazon in the Psychology category. The book is receiving amazing feedback and responses.


Several accolades and felicitations have come in search of Latha for her amazing works. She has been recognized by SIWAA for her contribution to the field of social work in 2020. She has also been featured by Radio Mirchi 95 FM on their International Women’s Day Week campaign show in March 2020. She was invited by Dubai based podcast The Limelyt to share her journey in April 2022.


Latha’s journey is so inspiring that she was not gifted with all these skills and talents by birth; but one incident in her life motivated her to gain the knowledge and spread it over. She later shared it to the society and contributed to treat the problems related to mental health. Her exemplary works and her life carry a strong message to all and thus she has become a role model to everyone.