Increase Your Company’s Revenue with Digital Mojo’s Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions and Strategies

Increase Your Company’s Revenue with Digital Mojo’s Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions and Strategies

Digital marketing is known to be the most effective modern means of connecting a business or an organisation to its customer base. This has not only led to increased growth and possibilities for businesses but has also helped in increasing the overall revenue by bringing in the required engagement for growth and advancement. The process of digital marketing thus makes business operations smooth by boosting sales and making the interactions with customers easier.
Dhiraj Merani is a renowned digital marketing professional and the founder and CEO of Digital Mojo, a platform providing Digital Marketing Services where online marketers provide companies with creative, integrated Digital Marketing Solutions and Strategies. Based in Hyderabad, he started his venture in the year 2015 and has served the digital industry for over a decade now. Dhiraj states that businesses around the world spend an enormous sum of money on advertisements, but they are unable to reap any benefits for the price paid. In order to provide a comprehensive solution, Dhiraj designed a business model and a marketing strategy to suit modern-day needs rather than following the conventional system of marketing.

Under his leadership, Digital Mojo has completed over 500 projects and generated 5X revenue from marketing spends. This resulted in companies experiencing an increase in revenue between 30% to 60% in a very short span of ten months. Dhiraj has seventeen years of experience in this field and currently leads a team of more than twenty-five people. Through his company Digital Mojo, he has reshaped digital marketing into a powerful tool allowing companies from all segments to expand their reach and grow.

Digital Mojo focuses on performance marketing and branding, and through his agency, Dhiraj has been conceptualising business strategies for brands by working on several digital grounds such as PPC advertising, lead generation, and the development of websites and landing pages.

His company provides fully-integrated marketing services including conversion optimisation, e-mail marketing, content marketing, social media, public relations, web analytics, display advertising, PPC, SEO and others based on the client’s need and requirement.

Dhiraj Merani strongly believes in the virtues of hard work and patience. His core expertise includes formulating digital strategies for companies to ensure a high return on investment (ROI). Moreover, he focuses on developing successful campaigns and creates effective display advertising for brands in order to generate better footfalls and increase the reach to its target audience. He is a highly skilled marketer and holds various certifications including Content marketing and paid traffic. He is also certified in conversion funnelling and conversion rate optimization, as well as social media and analytics and data, search marketing, e-commerce marketing, and email marketing. 

He has an exceptional academic background, where he has always been an outstanding performer. He holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing from Johnson and Wales University, the United States and a Post-Graduation diploma in Business Management.

Through his agency, Digital Mojo, Dhiraj has served various renowned brands like HCL, IVY League, Hover Doors, Eurostar, Cybercity, T-Hub, Bikaervala, and others and is working on expanding the horizons of his company.

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