In the era of mass layoff, Geetanjali Homestate is giving opportunities to 1000+ candidates in different domains in Delhi NCR.

In the era of mass layoff, Geetanjali Homestate is giving opportunities to 1000+ candidates in different domains in Delhi NCR.

Geetanjali Homestates, a competent real estate advisory firm in Delhi NCR, is expanding and is looking for candidates who can help the company in accomplishing its vision. As the Hiring Professional at Geetanjali Homestates, Aanchal Rustagi offers an insightful perspective on how in the year 2023, the company has robustly been focusing on creating more job opportunities for people who can thrive in a competitive environment and have the required zeal and passion to succeed. With a rich and diverse experience in talent acquisition and management, Ms. Rustagi understands the dynamics of performance management and HR Analytics quite comprehensively. Motivated to create collaborative and interactive working spaces, she asserts, the company supports the idea of individual growth as much as it believes in its collective growth!

Why Geetanjali?

It has been almost a decade since Geetanjali Homestate Private Limited has been creating opportunities and careers for diligent people in Delhi NCR ( Delhi, Gurugram, Noida). It was Geetanjali's team that continued to offer lucrative professional opportunities during the pandemic too, even as most companies were advocating mass layoffs. In fact, ever since its inception in the year 2013, this promising real estate company has been consistently and rigorously growing and has been giving lucrative job opportunities to people who want to make a career in the real estate industry. Moreover, as the team’s core vision is transparency and trust, the same is demonstrated at all the levels of hierarchy here. Therefore, there’s no doubt about the fact that working in such a hospitable environment is an opportunity worth grabbing!

In an effort to scale up their services and add more manpower to their portfolio, Geetanjali Homestate recently announced the opening for more than 1000+ positions, across Delhi NCR in various departments. The domains include HR, Sales & Business department, Admin(Front office), Digital Marketing, Graphic Designers & content writers.  There are multiple openings from executive to senior multiple levels and along with opportunities for retired officers. With a highly communicative ecosystem, wonderful incentives, and competent salary, you get a chance to work holistically with some of the most seasoned professionals at Geetanjali, and that helps you grow significantly.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you think that you’re an ideal candidate who wants to reboot his professional graph and work with the real estate industry experts, reach us today!

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