CRAFTS ODISHA- A Brand that Celebrates the Timeless Elegance of Indian Cultural Heritage

Art cannot be separated from an artist and this is true in the case of Jyotirmaya Dhhal, who after facing rejection in pursuing his passion went on to create Crafts Odisha, a brand that celebrates the grandiose of Odissi craft.

CRAFTS ODISHA- A Brand that Celebrates the Timeless Elegance of Indian Cultural Heritage

This Indie brand is known for its exquisite figurines, antique stone sculptures, and beautiful handmade paintings, that exhibit craftsmanship of the talented Odisha artisans. It has garnered the attention of global clients who are in awe of the timeless beauty of its designs. 

Crafts Odisha is an effort to preserve the rich cultural heritage of Odisha. The brand has been successfully operating for the past 8 years and has made its entry into the luxury product sector. 

CRAFTS ODISHA is not a Brand but an Effort to Preserve the Dying Artforms 

Crafts Odisha is not just a brand but a promise to preserve the dying art forms of India. It's one such brand that has an essence of cultural heritage with the allure of luxury. 

The decorative pieces of Crafts Odisha are the first choice of art connoisseurs, who travel from different parts of the world in search of exceptional art pieces to elevate the beauty of their home. The boutiques of Crafts Odisha are located in the heart of Puri and Bhubaneswar, from where art enthusiasts can shop their exquisite collection, that showcases the timeless artistry of Odissi craftsman.

CRAFTS ODISHA’s Mission with a Vision

Crafts Odisha aims to create and curate exceptional decorative pieces that embody the essence of Odisha’s heritage. Through their brand, Crafts Odisha, they desire to redefine luxury, empower artisans, and foster a love for art and culture in people. 

Their USP

Crafts Odisha is redefining the Indian handicraft market by drawing attention to its intricately designed stone sculptures and hand paintings. With its sustainable and ethical practices, Crafts Odisha is not only empowering the dying artisan community, but also creating opportunities for cultural artifacts to dominate the global market. 

All the luxury decorative pieces of Crafts Odisha are peculiarly crafted by the hands of their widely experienced and highly skilled artisans. Crafts Odisha has now become a global brand that has successfully delivered its products to Nepal, Germany, the USA, UK Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries.

About the Creator of CRAFTS ODISHA

Crafts Odisha is the dream project of Jyotirmaya Dhhal who had a deep-rooted love for art and craft. His connection with art dates back to his school days, where he was trained by the internationally renowned sculptor and artist, Late Ravindra Verma, the recipient of the prestigious “Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity Award” bestowed by the President of Italy. 

To pursue his dreams, Jyotirmaya applied at the National Institute of Design after completing his 12th but got rejected. After that, he did B.Tech and worked as a network marketer. Later co-founded a Web Designing company in Bangalore and a software startup in Odisha. This led him to explore the nook and cranny of Odisha, where he savoured the beauty of different Odissi art forms. From here the idea of showcasing the royal heritage of India stemmed thus, Crafts Odisha was born.

CRAFTS ODISHA- A Journey to Revive the Lost Artforms

Jyotirmaya’s journey to preserve the rich cultural heritage has created employment opportunities for the local artisans. Through his brand, Crafts Odisha, he is committed to showcasing the artistic brilliance of Odissi art.

In 2020, the Crafts Odisha brand officially became a part of the Crafts Odisha Hub. Since then, it has been winning the hearts of its domestic and global clients with its beautiful decorative items. 

Add serenity to your place with Crafts Odisha’s Hindu Statues, Buddha statues or decorate your garden with their majestic stone figurines. So click on, and find the best décor for your abode.