AnaStrat debuts Indian Stock Market

AnaStrat debuts Indian Stock Market

Up your trading game with AnaStrat - World's First Analytical Platform for day Traders


New Delhi, The Indian stock market sector has witnessed the arrival of a new platform by Anastrat to help traders analyse their trading behaviour and maximise profits. A world’s first platform AnaStrat is highly beneficial for the traders who have less time in today’s fast-paced world. It provides post-trade analytics that helps traders zero in on winning strategies and avoid losses. 


AI-enabled platform Anastrat is a brainchild of two youngpreneurs Mohit Golecha & Sunil Bagrecha. Anastrat With its patented technology already has 90,000+ registered users on board within few months of its arrival. AnaStrat aims to have one million users and have at least one lakh active users by the end of this year. It has secured a seed funding of $300k.


"We want to make it easier for traders by providing key analytics and critical insights. Our proprietary algorithm empowers them to take better trades and improve themselves. AnaStrat analyses, tracks and reports strong findings from the user's tradebook to identify patterns and deliver insightful analytics," said Sunil Bagrecha, co-founder and CEO, AnaStrat.


After testing analytics with 3000 students from trading institutes in 2020, and receiving impactful results, AnaStrat has rolled out the product in beta to the traders across India. Having served Zerodha, Fyers and IIFL, AnaStrat is integrating with all leading brokers soon.


A true pioneer, AnaStrat features live dashboard, trading journal with tag analytics, day-time analytics, and trade breakdowns apart from improving the efficacy and behaviour of traders.


Prior to AnaStrat, there was no way to find a trader’s success other than her/his P&L statement, no tools that were available in the market to define behavioural traits of the trader based on the trades s/he took, and there was no platform that existed that could predict what strategy a trader used. Now, with AnaStrat’s deep analysis, traders can make corrections in their next trades.




AnaStrat ( upskills traders by providing key analytics and critical insights, with ITS proprietary algorithm, that empowers them to take better trades and improve themselves. It is not about stock market analytics, but all about behavioural analytics of traders towards market and self-improvisation.

AnaStrat’s algorithm is globally patented for PCT via USPTO.