A Soliloquy-Inked in Tears" by Chetna Shridhar: A Journey Through Loss and Spiritual Awakening.

A Soliloquy-Inked in Tears" by Chetna Shridhar: A Journey Through Loss and Spiritual Awakening.
  1. Could you give us a synopsis of your book and how it tackles the main issues facing the modern world?

My life completely changed after the love of my life; my mother left this physical realm. Everything was new to me; I could not understand anything familiar about life. My irrevocable faith in God defied me and I couldn’t feel anything anymore. I totally shut down to this known world, where everything seemed unknown now.

I followed Shamanism and was attracted to the spirit world. This realm no longer held my attention and I started to move and feel closer to the other worlds.

It was during this period that I received a few prophetic messages, I started to listen in. All my frequencies were tuned inwards, and I felt a connection with something I couldn’t define.

My subconscious controlled me, and I quickly gave in my conscious, aware, alert self. It saved me from confronting my loss each minute and kept me in a zone where I felt closer to mom’s spiritual presence. I stayed zonked for hours together.

A realization that attachment is the root cause of all miseries, happened. And I found answers without ardently looking out for them. I followed it wherever it led me, and I found myself in between one realization after another. Suddenly I was less pained in this interim that I am to live without mom. I started to look beyond this temporality of life.

  1. Could you highlight a few of the most important lessons or revelations that readers should anticipate from your work?

    How the idea of attachment has misguided us throughout. And realizing detachment as a life hack. Activating the subconscious more than our conscious minds.Putting an end to all forms of expectations and the day-to-day difficulties in doing so. How turning inwards and tunning in at different frequencies can be a game changer.

   Connecting with our astral bodies and not limiting, only to the physical ones.

  1. Could you please point out any case studies or actual situations from your book that exemplify the ideas you talk about?

    Throughout in the book I have mentioned all the changes I underwent, mentioned above. What best than my own self to site as an example.

  1. Did you have any unique difficulties or roadblocks during writing this book? If so, how did you get beyond them?

  My biggest challenge was me. I was throughout procrastinating the process of writing. Little did I realize; I was delaying the process only so I could spend more time with mom. Writing this book everyday felt like a little rendezvous with mom, which I didn’t wish to put an end to.

  1. After reading your book, what do you think readers will have learned from it and how do you see it improving their life?

   Readers who would relate to living a life against their wish, forced to      carry  on without that one soul, they thought they could not live without…. Will have loads to take away from. In fact, this was my soul’s sole reason for writing ‘A Soliloquy’.

  1. In a world that is changing quickly, how does your book continue to be relevant and flexible for readers throughout time?

   Times can change, decades can pass, but when a soul yearns for that ‘one soul’, everything stops. Time comes to a standstill. This book shall always stay relevant.


And anyway, Time and space are only limiting to this consciousness, beyond this (connections of our souls in other dimensions ) it’s not even a concept.


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