"My Passion Encouraged me to Who am I now!

"My Passion Encouraged me to Who am I now!

Being from a spiritual family, I have been taught many positive traits in life. Spiritual practices indeed helpful throughout my every journey. I thank my parents today for their blessings and the constant support that they have been for me. "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" is a sanskrit phrase which means "The World is One Family" it's in true spirit of respecting all Human Life, as we all are from same planet.


I, Sajeesh Pillai, Founder & CEO of MTK - Mumbai Travancore Kitchen & Travancore Retails; Real Estate Sales Expert for the experience of 15years and Director at Shree Steamship Cargo Service. I am an active social service worker for more than 25years now. Previously, Me along with my team has conducted many charitable events and been helpful to the needy people. From providing free meals, to give education, to donate required stuff, to the deserved people. During pandemic times, where everyone lost their jobs, stores were shut down. I have started an Authentic Kerala Restaurant MTK - Mumbai Travancore Kitchen, which was my dream venture, I hired employees who have lost their jobs on that time, helped them in their financial crisis. By God's Grace, we have made so many customers and received positive feedbacks. However, the pandemic become worst day by day. We have witnessed critical situation. As a spiritual believer, I was grateful to God for giving me Power & Energy. I didn't cared about myself and straight went to help to the people suffering from COVID. From taking them to Hospital, arranging a better treatment and helping their family with financial. At that time we have also witnessed deaths, I took the initiative to help the family in their beloved one's funeral service. I was thankful to God for kept me and my family safe during those situations. Being a helping nature person, I’ve never looked at Day and Night to serve the society.


MTK also provides Catering Service for Institution, Corporate, Societies and many more. MTK – Catering has served in many parts of Mumbai for different kinds of event & occasions. We don't see the numbers, but a happy face of people loving food. We have catered for 500+ at a time. And looking forward to cater more number of people in future. We have established not only a brand but a reputation in the market. MTK – Catering serves both North Indian as well as South Indian cuisines. We also conduct Sadhya Fest at Corporate, Institutions & Societies. MTK catering also organize free meal distribution to the needy people. On my birthday every year, I personally arrange  "Free Meal" to children and other people. Recently, we had organized "Sadhya Lunch with Transgender Community" at Vikhroli (W). Serving and helping Society is there in my blood since childhood. And it's never going to stop. We are glad to say that we have come a long way since then.


I was a person who never wanted to get reflected by others on my doings. Today, the generation has been upgraded. There is nothing without a use of technology. It's a youth generation now. Our youths are now focusing more on spreading awareness of every social and sensitive topics and trying their best to improve the societal thoughts by reaching them out. It was my team who encouraged me, to let people know Who Am I? What do I do?  And, what I feel now is, technically, this is a great way of getting connected to different people with different ideas. A small support towards good cause can help the nation in many ways. I am feeling so privileged that people are loving my doings and reaching me out for social cause. I am willing to do more in future and keep our nation better and protected. The biggest achievement I have received is earning hearts of million people. And that's where I find my Happiness from. Believe in God, the one who created us, you will definitely reach your success one day. Stay Proud of who you are. Keep your lifestyle healthy. Be thankful to God & your Parents for every achievements. Their support is constant in your life. Keeping yourself motivated can help you achieve in life.



Written by


Ms. Deepthika Pillai

Business Development Manager