Many Doctors treating infertility are there but one who sees right through your heart is rare.

Many Doctors treating infertility are there but one who sees right through your heart is rare.

INFERTILITY is a huge emotional roller coaster ride, If you deeply desire a child. It's indeed the hardest thing one can ever go through emotionally, physically, and financially.  Unfortunately, it is not the most talked about issue. Even less discussed about is IVF treatment that can bring hope to those suffering without a baby.


The Best IVF in Marthandam - Gheeth IVF, since its inception in the year 2021 is a highly successful Fertility Hospital. It is the best for IVF and Infertility Treatment since they provide the latest treatment at the most affordable price. They make advanced Fertility treatment available to everyone. Their goal is to ensure that everyone who wants to have a baby can do so. Their cutting-edge lab assures exceptional results. They obtain remarkable success rates by utilizing groundbreaking Day 5 Embryo Transfer. Along with that, they ensure that all doubts about infertility treatment and the expected baby are answered and that all the parents worries are handled at every stage of their Fertility journey. They guarantee that this is the most affordable Fertility Centre. Once someone walks through their doors, they will immediately feel comfortable and secure. Patients can put their trust in the finest hands of the profession. Gheeth IVF ensures every potential Mom and Dad is treated with the utmost care. They often hold free fertility camps in inaccessible places to help the poor. They also offer no-profit, no-loss procedures so that more people can benefit from fertility treatment.


Dr.Vinodhini Pradeep is an acclaimed Infertility Specialist who always keeps the welfare of her patients in her mind first. She has an outstanding profile to her name and experience and is armed with a fine array of qualifications from Indian and International Universities like MBBS, D.G.O., D.M.A.S., F.M.A.S., D.L.S., Dip. Reproductive.Medicine (Germany). She is the MANAGING DIRECTOR of GHEETH IVF. This Medical Super Star is a highly skilled and acclaimed Infertility Specialist. She has won numerous awards like the  Wonder FOGSIan ward: Federation of Obstetric Society of India ;  Best Woman Doctor Award: IMA Tamilnadu Women's Day Award, 2020; Best Editor of IMA Magazine: IMA Tamilnadu 2019 & 2020; Yuva Icon ward: FOGSI, 2022.



Dr Vinodhini Pradeep was always intrigued by Medicine as a profession and life choice ever since she was a child. It was a dream come true for her to join MBBS. She began training under the able tutelage of the IVF Doyen, Dr.Gopinath, after finishing her Obstetrics and Gynecology. She completed her Diploma in Reproductive Medicine in Kiev, Germany, and has traveled widely around Tamil Nadu and Kerala to numerous IVF Centers, offering her knowledge as an IVF Expert. When she saw that many couples without children couldn't afford fertility treatment, she founded Gheeth IVF to help aspiring parents by providing the most modern IVF treatment at the most affordable price. When she opened the state-of-the-art IVF laboratory with complete IVF facilities in 2021, it was indeed a dream come true for many poor patients.


Gheeth IVF is located in Kaliakkavilai, Kanyakumari, on the Trivandrum-Marthandam border. She serves patients from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum, a distance of 60 Kilometres.

She spends almost 30 minutes to an hour with couples reviewing prospective treatment choices to ensure they make well-informed decisions about the various treatment options. Gheeth IVF stands for Affordable Fertility Treatment with No Compromise on Quality and Individually tailored Care for Everyone.

So far, they have 550 success stories and miracle babies, and they have made 1100 happy parents rejoice.


Under such capable mentorship and the reputation that Dr Vinodhini Pradeep and Gheeth IVF holds, one should not doubt the quality care that the hospital and the doctors provide.

So, choose only the best when it comes to such crucial medical matters and visit the given addresses below to know more about infertility treatment that Gheeth IVF proudly offers at the most inexpensive cost. It is surely worth a click on their website.


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