Malawi Mangoes: A Taste of Sunshine from the Warm Heart of Africa Now in India

Malawi Mangoes: A Taste of Sunshine from the Warm Heart of Africa Now in India

Maharashtra is known for its Alphonso mangoes, which were granted a GI Tag in October 2018. However, the state's people are not solely purists regarding them, as evidenced by their excitement over the arrival of the first lot of Malawi mangoes (Salimo Mango) at the Vashi APMC fruit market on Saturday.

These amazing tropical fruit are said to be almost identical to Alphonso in terms of taste and texture and were sold out within minutes of their arrival from East Africa.

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The mango season in India lasts from April to July, and out of the more than 1,000 varieties available in the market, the Alphonso remains the most coveted and popular mango. Even though its season is brief, the craze around it is comparable to that of Bollywood and cricket.

The mango season in India lasts from April to July, and out of more than 1,000 varieties that hit the markets, the much-coveted Alphonso remains the king. The obsession around it remains on par with Bollywood and cricket during its brief season. Even in the off-season, like November-December, Mumbai residents crave Alphonso, and their taste buds are satisfied thanks to Malawi mangoes.

Malawi mangoes are now available online.

The beloved king of fruits, are a tropical delight that has captivated taste buds worldwide. Malawi mango stand out for their exceptional sweetness, juiciness, and unique flavour profile among the many varieties of fruits. These Warm Heart of Africa gems are now available for pan-India delivery through, offering a taste of sunshine and tropical goodness.

A Taste of Paradise: Unveiling the Flavors of Malawi Mangoes

Around 13 years ago, Malawi's producers received a few Alphonso mango saplings from Ratnagiri. These saplings were grafted and planted on a 26-acre farm, and today, they have spread across 600 acres. In 2018, these amazing fruit were exported to India.

During October to December, Indian Aam are not available. This is the time when Hapus are harvested in East Africa. Therefore, both seasons are distinct, and customers have a variety of mangoes to choose from.

Indian Alphonso Hapus are available from January until June and are sourced from various parts of the South and Konkan belt in Maharashtra.

Hailing from the lush landscapes of Malawi, these hapus are bathed in the warm African sun, absorbing its rich flavours and nutrients.

Their golden yellow flesh, when ripe, bursts with a symphony of sweetness and tartness, leaving a lingering sensation of pure delight. The smooth, creamy texture is a testament to their natural ripening process, free from chemicals or artificial ripening agents.

Malawi Hapus vs Ratnagiri Hapus: A Tale of Two Kings

Often compared to the renowned Ratnagiri Hapus of India, Malawi Alfanso offer a distinct and equally delightful flavour experience. While Ratnagiri Hapus are known for their intense sweetness,

Malawi alfanso balance sweetness and tartness, creating a refreshing and invigorating taste. Both varieties are undoubtedly kings in their own right, each offering a unique symphony of flavours that tantalize the palate.

The Sweet Rush of Naturally Ripened Malawi Mangoes

The secret to the exceptional taste of Malawi mangoes is their natural ripening process. Unlike mangoes that are often packed in semi-ripe or unripe conditions and ripened artificially using chemicals or carbide, Malawi mangoes can ripen on the tree, absorbing the sun's energy and developing their full flavour potential. This results in mangoes bursting with sweetness, juiciness, and a natural aroma that is simply irresistible.

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Indulge in the Delightful World of Malawi Mangoes

Whether you're a mango connoisseur or simply looking for a taste of something new and exotic, Malawi mangoes are a must-try. Their unique blend of sweetness, tartness, and juiciness will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Order your box of Malawi mangoes today from and experience the sunshine of Africa from the comfort of your own home.


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