Krishi Viman with 50 Drones in Rajasthan.

Krishi Viman with 50 Drones in Rajasthan.
Krishi Viman

WOW Go Green's latest endeavour "Krishi Viman" is set to make waves in Rajasthan's agricultural landscape. We're thrilled to announce the deployment of 50 cutting-edge Krishi Viman drones. This revolutionary initiative aims not only to boost crop yields but also to promote sustainable farming practices. Stay tuned as we soar towards a greener, more abundant future!

Discover the power of sustainable income through agriculture! WOW Go Green & CM Agritech proudly presents 50 Advance Technology Agricultural Drones designed for precision farming and uniform spray as we call it “Patte Patte par Chhidkaw “to boost your crop yield, productivity, and sustainable agriculture. It Prevent Water Losses, Nutrient Losses and Farmers Health too.

As a leading drone manufacturing company, Team Krishi Viman brings state-of-the-art technology to Rajasthan. Our advanced Technology drones are here to improve farming practices, solving spraying challenges and enhancing crop health and Production also.

Join us in the exciting "Drone Yatra" across Rajasthan! Witness the future of farming as we showcase the remarkable benefits of our Krishi Viman drone. In this Drone Yatra CM Agritech and WOW Go Green is in collaboration and launching their joint venture in Rajasthan. Drone Yatra will help Farmers to get more and more Knowledge about Importance of Technology in Agriculture. Drones have shown great potential in transforming agricultural practices through tasks such as pest control, and precision agriculture. Participating in this event could provide valuable insights into how drone technology is contributing to advancements in the agricultural sector.

Don't miss out on the chance to transform your farming journey. Krishi Viman is your partner in cultivating success. Embrace innovation, increase efficiency, and secure a sustainable future.