Firsts are always special and to celebrate the release of first book of Mrs. Mini Dang, shares some behind the scenes!

Firsts are always special and to celebrate the release of first book of Mrs. Mini Dang, shares some behind the scenes!

Tune in to know how she made it to Top 10 Amazon Bestsellers!



Let's understand the post and pre emotions from the author herself!


Firstly, let our readers understand how and what exactly got you into writing?


Writing was never my plan A or even on the cards but as we say nothing works as we plan because God has better plans for us and I am glad he did.

So I was married and I had to discontinue my studies because of which I had a lot of spare time to myself, so I decided to read books that were based on spiritualism and started jotting down the points I would read and that became a habit. And gradually that is how it all began. I guess it was all meant to happen like this.


Did publishing your debut book bring any noticeable changes in your process of writing ?


Yes, it has, not just in the process of writing but also now how I pursue something when I read something. I am more curious to know the science and logic behind what is written so I start to research about things now, which I am sure will assist my writing process in some way or the other.


What was the thought process when you chose the name "Gyaan and Gita"? Did you pick this name from whatever circumstances you were experiencing in your personal life ?


As far as the title is concerned, I had too many names in my head before I chose to finalize this particular name. So not the title, but the purpose of this book is something that has a connection with my personal life. I wanted to help people dealing with depression, I cannot take away anyone's pain, but I could try to ease someone's pain through my learnings and that's exactly what I have tried to inculcate in this book in the easiest way possible avoiding the complexity in terms of language, again the idea was to make it easy for masses.


Now that you have officially written a book and got it published, what do you think is the best way to do marketing for the  book? Maybe this could help someone who's just beginning out .


I understood this one thing that writing is one thing but to fulfill the purpose of your vision for which you write in the first place is everything. And that can be achieved through good marketing. To be honest, i had no clue of how it is done, I was guided by Ms. Sonali Sharma, the founder of Content bank. She handled the marketing department for me and I am eternally grateful to her for doing a wonderful job. 


Lastly, would you like to share any particular or unforgettable incident that may have played a major role in molding your personality?


Yes, there are many such incidents and I truly believe that every incident that happens in your life changes you in some way or the other. How you choose to response to the situation is the key, if you allow the situation to change you for the better it will work in your favor and you will grow as a person and  if you take the situation in the negative light and consider yourself as a failure then you will be stuck in one place for years and years or even for a lifetime.

So just take the situation as it come, find your learnings through it and just keep moving ahead.