Karthik Mohan is ready to drop his most ambitious song Faansle! Are you ready to be moved?

Karthik Mohan is ready to drop his most ambitious song Faansle! Are you ready to be moved?

Hey there, music lovers! Get ready to dive into the soul-stirring journey of Karthik Mohan's latest and upcoming song, "Faansle"! This ain't just any song, folks; it's a heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, and redemption that'll leave you breathless! So, buckle up and prepare to be blown away! We had the pleasure of having a candid chat with Karthik himself and here are a few excerpts from our conversation, straight from the heart of the artist himself!



What was the inspiration behind your new song Faansle?


Karthik Mohan - Faansle is a song about relationships getting strained and the pains that we go through as we struggle to find meaningful action and words to come back together. Anyone who has loved has gone through these emotions. So, I did not have to look very far to find inspiration. What is interesting is the location we chose. All my songs start not with a tune but a vision. In this case my vision was of a girl in a lovely blue dress lost in her thoughts in the beautiful surroundings of the white Sands national monument. We took this vision and structured the song and the video footage around it.




Tell us sometime about yourself, about your journey, how did you start in the music industry?


Karthik Mohan - I consider myself a complete outsider when it comes to the music industry.  I started as most musicians do with cover songs and slowly branched of into making originals. I release singles on a regular basis, there are some songs which are just breezy and easy to listen to, which just let you enjoy the present moment, but there are some where I take on some of the complex social issues that surround us.




How does Faansle differ from your previous work?


Karthik Mohan - Faansle differs in scale and magnitude, this is my most ambitious project in terms of shooting locations, logistics, production costs and quality of production. We hope you get to appreciate this when you see the video.



Can you describe the creative process behind this track?


Karthik Mohan - I had already mentioned my vision for the song and how we went about structuring it around that vision. The Audio was based around creating chord progressions and melodies that bring out the pains of separation but also leave the listener with hopes of coming together. I have tried match the energy of the song with lyrics which flow with the melody.




What emotions or messages do you hope listeners will take away from your latest song Faansle?


Karthik Mohan - I hope for the listeners of this song to share it with their loved ones and hug them a few seconds longer after they listen to it. This would mean the world to me.



Were there any challenges you faced while writing or recording this song?


Karthik Mohan - Faansle was full of challenges, right from battling physical pain, sickness during the shoot, shooting in very challenging outdoor locations, dealing with constant changing light, long drives in New Mexico,  government regulations and keeping within a tight production budget. But I am so blessed to have a wonderful team with me who have supported me constantly and helped me overcome these challenges.




Can you talk about any collaborations or featured artists on Faansle?


Karthik Mohan - Sure, on the video front, I am collaborating with Shruthi Bekal and Kaarthik Tharmiya. Shruthi is a renowned model and actor in the US. Kaarthik is our director of photography and I have worked with both of them on multiple projects in the past. We have a wonderful understanding and feed of of eachothers energy and enthusiasm. On the Audio front it's my first collaboration with my lovely wife Priya Narayanan. Priya used to sing a lot in college and has multiple accolades in the singing field to her name. She has had a bit of a fall out with music. Through this song, I hope she is able to find her love for music and get back into singing more.




What was your favourite part about working on this song?


Karthik Mohan - Priya is my life partner and Shruthi is a very good friend. Working in the creative field with people you like is one of the most special experiences. It's like being a child again where you all have some toys that you bring to the park and find a way to play with each other. Nothing can beat the beautiful feeling of being in a sandbox with the ones you like so much.



How do you feel about the feedback and reception the song has received so far?


Karthik Mohan - Well we haven't released the song. But the poster of Faansle and the first look has had great reception. I'm quite happy about that.



Are there any interesting stories or anecdotes from the recording studio?


Karthik Mohan - Nothing specific that comes to mind but like I said, it's my first proper collaboration with my wife. So we did have some special moments as we rehearsed and got ready to record the song.



What can fans expect from you next after this song?


Karthik Mohan - I am not sure how many fans I have to be honest. But I intend to produce music that resonates with my soul. One of the blessings of being an indie artist is that you get to pick what you want to do. So people who follow me can expect to hear soulful music which has been shot in a visually pleasing manner



Trust us, you won't want to miss a single beat of Faansle by Karthik Mohan.