Inspiring Women Towards Happiness and Mental Wellbeing: Paromita Sharma's Remarkable Journey

Mental health remains a neglected area in India, primarily due to limited awareness, social stigma, and inadequate access to mental health services. However, the impact of mental illness on individuals, society, and the economy can no longer be ignored. With depression being recognized as the second leading cause of disease burden worldwide by the World Health Organization (WHO), it is crucial to address the mental health challenges faced by nearly 20 percent of India's population. In this context, Paromita Sharma, a Bangalore-based IT professional, has emerged as an inspirational figure, dedicating herself to mental health awareness and the pursuit of happiness. Overcoming her own battle with clinical depression, Paromita has dedicated her life to raising awareness about mental health issues and minimizing the stigma associated with seeking help.

Inspiring Women Towards Happiness and Mental Wellbeing: Paromita Sharma's Remarkable Journey

Paromita's Amazon best-seller, "Pause. Heal. Live. A Woman's Guide to Happiness," focuses on women as its subject. Through her book, she offers invaluable insights and practical guidance to empower women and foster positive psychological well-being.It sheds light on the alarming statistic that women in both developed and developing countries are almost twice as likely as men to experience depression. Paromita explains that even in the 21st century, the prevalence of violence against women aggravates and endangers women’s mental health. Other factors include hormonal changes, sexual abuse, widowhood or separation, limited autonomy, lack of family support, life stressors such as childbirth and caregiver role in the family, and societal constraints that contribute to women's vulnerability to mental health conditions. By highlighting these challenges, Paromita aims to raise awareness and initiate a positive change in women's lives.

While depression is a highly treatable mental disorder, the prevailing lack of awareness and fear of social stigma prevents many women from seeking help, leading to prolonged suffering. Paromita emphasizes the importance of seeking professional assistance for individuals experiencing symptoms of depression. Treatment options include therapy, medication, or a combination of both. In India, numerous government and non-governmental organizations offer mental health support through awareness campaigns, free therapy, and support hotlines. Sadly, even financially secure women often hesitate to seek help due to the shame associated with mental illness. Paromita's book, "Pause. Heal. Live.," serves as a powerful message to society, advocating for mental health to be prioritized alongside physical health, as it can significantly impact a person's overall well-being, productivity, and life expectancy.

Paromita passionately advocates for positive psychology, backed by research from around the world, which confirms that wealth and success have limited influence on long-term happiness. She emphasizes that true quality of life depends on an individual's inner well-being. Therefore, regular mental health care should be normalized just as physical health care. Her book offers a comprehensive approach, guiding readers to understand themselves, heal, and strengthen their mental well-being. These techniques empower women to face life's challenges bravely and gracefully. She emphasizes on consciously taking care of the mind because it induces the self-healing mechanism in humans.

Paromita's remarkable journey as an IT professional turned happiness and life coach, meditation teacher, and author exemplifies her dedication to mental health awareness and positive psychology. She is also associated with Emo Matrix, Delhi, India’s first psychology consulting company, and offers guidance to individuals seeking support.

Through her book, "Pause. Heal. Live. A Woman's Guide to Happiness," she addresses the unique challenges faced by women and encourages them to seek help, normalize mental health discussions, and embrace holistic healing. Paromita's efforts are not only inspiring but also crucial in breaking down barriers and creating a society that prioritizes mental wellbeing.

To learn more about her work or seek assistance, visit Paromita Sharma's website at book, "Pause. Heal. Live. A Woman's Guide to Happiness," is available on leading online platforms.For media inquiries, please, phone: 9049181199