How to be a Full-Time Trader by Fortunee Bulls Academy

How to be a Full-Time Trader by Fortunee Bulls Academy

When it comes to trading, it looks cool and easy when someone sees it for the first time. Trading in the stock market is a business and this business asks for risks. Without risks no one can win this market or for a reason cannot learn about putting on risks, sometimes the risks are worth it while sometimes losing teaches lessons.

Some believe that trading is all about making money and freedom of time but it comes with some terms and conditions;

  1. The first thing is to go through the learning curve of trading which includes both profits and losses.
  2. If you're not ready to learn from your losses, then the chances become almost zero for you to succeed and gain profit.
  3. The people who are making money from the Stock market are professional traders who take trading as a business and not a part time job. 
  4. To be a full-time trader, you need to combine a high level of knowledge with experience; without this, your probability of success over the long term is very low because when you leave your stable job or work to trade full time, you no longer have the security of a regular income.
  5. No matter if you are a full-time trader or a part time trader, you have to look at the bigger picture. That is, if your target is to earn 1 lac per month, the plan is to divide it into 4 weeks that is 25,000 and then target according to it to achieve your goal. If you follow this simple psychological calculation, trading would become so easy psychology wise.
  6. Don't directly switch to full time trading from your regular job unless you are profitable in last 6 months. It is also to be noted that before you switch to full time trading, make sure you have enough capital according to your trading strategy/system.
  7. To reduce the psychological pressure, you can also try multiple sources of income in the same field. Most of the professional traders start selling courses, YouTube and many more things so that they earn income in a smarter way. This is what business is all about.
  8. Before actually going full time, consider or think about going full time.

Fortunee Bulls Academy is Trading Academy where you learn all about trading and how to do it in the right way. Academy strongly believes in providing right knowledge and support to the candidates so as to make them knowledgeable and provide them all the financial literacy that they should know for becoming a good trader.  

Fortunee Bulls Academy was launched with the aim to provide create independent traders through their Fortunee Trading Program. Their sole vision is to simplify trading and develop the right approach towards the stock market and trading. Fortunee Bulls Academy is the brainchild of Sagar Rajiwade and Saurabh Bathe, both of them are trading enthusiasts and they established Fortunee Bulls Academy to train professional trading experts. 

Sagar Rajiwade is a trainer at Fortunee Bulls Academy and he strongly believes in helping others to become financially independent by sharing his knowledge, experience and his insights in the trading market. He is on the path of creating qualified traders and investors through Fortunee Bulls Academy. 

Saurabh Bathe, also the co-founder and trainer at Fortunee Bulls Academy and is by engineer by degree and is also an option writer by profession. He aims to spread his knowledge into the field of trading and create monthly income sources for his students. 

The scope in the financial market is widening and to make careers and bring professionals into this field. There are various courses that are offered by Fortunee Bulls Academy. Fortunee Training Programme is a trading package that is offered to beginners and inter-mediates that teaches you how to become a successful and a profitable trader. The students take up these courses, and help them become a full-time profitable trader. This course is divided into four modules;

  1. Basic Module
  2. Technical Module
  3. Future and Options
  4. Practical Module

Divided into various modules, it teaches you on every step and gives personal mentoring sessions, doubt clearing sessions and live assistance that makes sure students are left with no doubts and become experts. They all are also told about how to analyse the market and use right strategies to gain profit.

Currently, Fortunee Bulls Academy is enrolling students and is becoming the most preferred student’s destination to learn trading. The approach that they use towards stock marketing. 

Fortunee Academy Bulls deliver the right knowledge and provide proper guidance throughout their trading journey. The trading life is made easier with the help of Fortunee Bulls Academy, also teaching financial management and implementing theories and principles so that they do well in the trading market.

To enrol and learn more about Fortunee Bulls Academy, visit; 

Instagram: Fortunee.bulls

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