Ethical Hacker turned Healer: Spiritualpreneur Gurdeep N Dhillon’s Aura Readings, Helping You Find Your Life Purpose

Ethical Hacker turned Healer: Spiritualpreneur Gurdeep N Dhillon’s Aura Readings, Helping You Find Your Life Purpose

The traditional energy healing system is based on restoring the balance and flow of energy between the human mind, body and the soul.  Gurdeep N Dhillon, aged 43, based in the capital city Delhi is a Spiritual Coach, Guide, Author and a Mentor who has made a mark in his field of expertise by guiding people in their attempt to live a balanced life.

He is known to make use of various divination techniques which helps to seek answers to the queries of enthusiastic people, thereby helping them sort out major life issues. He is on a mission to impart knowledge about the metaphysical world and help people lead a happy and content life.

According to spiritual beliefs, an aura is said to be a luminous body surrounding the physical one where each layer of colour gives an insight about the energy flowing around. Gurdeep’s dedication towards the subject of human aura has greatly helped him to understand humans on a deeper level and guide them better. For this purpose, he has also created a product line under the brand Emanation which assembles products to heal, and clean the Aura of people.

Having made significant advancement in the last five years, Gurdeep additionally acquired the technique of Resonant field imaging and Aura Fit Devices to help People understand the colours of their aura and balance them.

Gurdeep N Dhillon’s journey of becoming a spiritualpreneur began in the year 2013 when he was at the peak of his career. At that time, he worked as a Chief Technical Manager for the Indian division of West coast Labs, A UK-based organisation handling checkmark certifications and working for every antivirus organization in the world. As a student, Gurdeep was an adventurous soul at heart and was a great participant in sports, and extra-curricular activities who found his way into the technology services.

His curious nature and hunger to achieve growth always earned him appreciation at his workplace and gave him a boost in the organisation he worked. However, during the prime of his career, he realised his eagerness to gain insights about the spiritual realm and the quest to understand oneself better paved the way for Gurdeep to enter into the world of spiritual endeavours.

His craving made him go deeper to learn the best of himself and this is how a technologist eventually found his purpose of life. Gurdeep firmly believes that divine intervention guided him on the path of spirituality and the ongoing phases of detachment. He believes that he has grown into the spiritual realms and learned many modalities to heal self and the community.

Gurdeep uses his learnings from years in technology services to Spiritual Services. He is an Ethical Hacker turned Ethical Helper, who found his niche in human Aura thereby helping souls find the purpose of their life by using tools of divination, Aura Readings (Resonant Field Imaging Scans), Doing remedial Scans using dowsers and Aromatherapy and crystal-based remedies to ease the process of transformation.

Gurdeep is also a Spiritual guide, Aura analyst, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Reiki Grandmaster, Pranic Healer and NLP Practitioner and is the author of the Amazon Bestseller book titled AURA ‘Colours reveal the Inner You’. He is a mentor who handholds his people, a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Wanderer in his own way. He is on a mission to bring valuable changes to a million people on this planet earth by 2030 he has already trained around 5000 people and is working ahead with his knowledge-sharing techniques and products.

He is of the opinion that this era doesn’t require making cults to pass on information. Instead, he believes in order to communicate the guidance needs to be provided to the right men who would spread the information to the right beings. Gurdeep considers that energy is transmuted through every deed we do, and if the entrepreneurs are not spiritually awakened it will be difficult to pass on the information to the masses. He understood the requirement of this era and gradually came back to the world of attachment and successfully landed himself as a spiritualpreneur, merging his way of spirituality with entrepreneurship.

He has been working with the Human Aura for more than 8 years now and is completely able to understand the psychology of humans and work around them. His remedies have been meticulously created through his knowledge of various modalities, working in the world of attachment with detachment and passing on blessings and knowledge to people.

Gurdeep N Dhillon encourages people to resolve their spiritual issues which would in turn help them to live a mindful and peaceful life. Through his guidance, he helps people resolve feelings of anger and hopelessness, and also extends his help to people suffering from feelings of depression and anxiety and constantly question the meaning of their life or suffering. Gurdeep believes that a spiritual coach is the guide which helps one reflect on their inner peace and his holistic healing services have truly given a new direction to people to lead a meaningful life.

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