Choose the Right Career Path According to Your Innate Abilities and Potential with India’s First Revolutionary BRAINOSCOPE by Meealantaas Pvt. Ltd.

The human brain is a complex organ that controls every process that regulates our body including our choices of study streams and career. It is responsible for giving rise to thoughts, actions, emotions, and other feelings a human being undergoes. BrainoscopeTM(previously known as 4D Brain analysis) is a window to one’s brain, a scientific approach that helps steer a human in the direction of their potential from a four-dimensional perspective that includes genetic, neurological, biological, and psychological aspects.

Choose the Right Career Path According to Your Innate Abilities and Potential with India’s First Revolutionary  BRAINOSCOPE by Meealantaas Pvt. Ltd.
Choose the Right Career Path According to Your Innate Abilities and Potential with India’s First Revolutionary  BRAINOSCOPE by Meealantaas Pvt. Ltd.

It is an assessment model developed by Dr Alok Kumar Mishra, who innovated this process and introduced it under the umbrella of the Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI), New Delhi, in 2015. Dr Alok hails from Khalilabad, UP, and his journey of pursuing a medical career as per his interest remained unfulfilled. His wish to opt for biology instead of mathematics as his stream for the 12th grade was declined, which eventually resulted in average performance. According to Dr Alok, what he needed at that time was an evidence-based, scientific service that could map the potential of children and suggest an educational stream suitable to him or her. He strongly believes that pursuing a career path that makes one happy is essentially important to boost productivity and overall performance.

In due course, Dr. Alok’s efforts to transform the lives of people via the 4-Dimensional Brain Analysis were recognised, and he got  patent published (patent pending) in his name. On July 1, 2021, his wifeDr. Meena Mishra established the company Meealantaas Pvt. Ltd. along with her co-founder, Mrs. Vinita Sharma, with the vision of scaling up 4-D brain analysis, also known as BrainoscopeTM.

Dr. Meena Mishra was born to a surgeon father in Allahabad, whose desire to positively impact lives led her to pursue medicine and specialise in radiation oncology (MD). She has an extensive experience of more than fifteen years in this field. She completed her oncology training from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and later worked at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai,  Delhi state cancer institute, Delhi and Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Guragon. Dr. Meena Mishraherself underwent 4 D Brain Analysis after realising that her potential was not being realised according to her personality. She was surprised to learn about her managerial skills, which were suitable for the position of CEO, and therefore went on to connect with business domain experts and share the working model of 4D brain analysis.

After deliberations with experts from the business fraternity, the bootstrapped company was set up by Dr. Meena Mishra and Mrs. Vinita Sharma. During the pilot phase at BBRFI, the process of 4D brain analysis was applied in renowned institutions such as GAIL, IGL, Creamy Foods, and Patanjali Yogpeeth. The encouraging and positive feedback finally led them to scale up operations and rename the 4D brain analysis as BrainoscopeTM to make it more widely available to clients under the umbrella of the start-up  MEEALANTAAS (M- TAAS) Pvt Ltd..

BrainoscopeTM is a service-based product that is used to identify the innate talents and strengths of an individual through a scientific and objective method. Since innumerable students tend to study streams contrary to their inherent talent, it is important to guide young minds on the path to happiness. Each child has unique qualities and traits that need to be mapped for a suitable educational stream by a scientific, objective, and evidence-based process. BrainoscopeTM acts as a helping mechanism for students from 6th grade onwards by helping them choose subjects according to their brain wiring. Subsequently, for adults, BrainoscopeTM helps narrow down career choices to help them achieve fruitful results in life.

In India alone, the probability of confusion and wrong career streams being selected every year is evident by the ratio of students dropping out in the later stages of their career. Appropriate career guidance that is personalised, scientific, and objective is also extremely important in India to control unfortunate incidents of suicide, even in top institutes like AIIMS and IIT. BrainoscopeTM therefore acts as a tool providing innovative scientific solutions to guide individuals towards careers aligning with their natural potential, thereby achieving contentment and happiness.

It provides a roadmap to follow and achieve success both personally and professionally by mapping the inherent and potential talent of a person, which helps them direct their efforts in the right direction. The man behind this innovation, Dr. Alok Mishra, has also been featured as a brain analyst in a MegaIcons' telecast on National Geographic in Season 1 of 2018.

Dr. Meena Mishra, MD, of Meealantaas Pvt. Ltd. states that, to date, it has yielded effective results on more than 400 people, and this socially impactful process seeks to further positively impact lives. She further states that as a start-up, the company is seeking partners who would like to make an impact by transforming lives, thereby putting their expertise and money to best use.

Furthermore, after its inception, the company has been incubated at Anveshan Foundation at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technological University for Women, and BrainoscopeTM has been featured as one of the innovations under DST in their film marking the celebration of 75 years of independence( In addition, the company was also selected by DBT, GOI, for showcasing their service at the "Start-up Conclave ', India International Science Festival, Bhopal, January 2023, and generated a lot of interest in Dr. Jitendra Singh, Minister S & T, GOI, who discussed its practical applications.

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