Unleashing Potential: The Astounding Transformation Of An Young Entrepreneur Who Went From Having $36,000 USD Debt To Making Over $200k+ USD Annually

Who is Bipin Bopanna? Bipin Bopanna is the CEO and founder of Affluent Marketing a direct-response marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized business owners with getting more customers using Facebook ads and funnel services. He is also a CEO and Founder of affluent coaching in which his company is focused on teaching 21st-century high-income skills to individuals who want to escape the 9 to 5 rat race and live a freedom-lifestyle.

Unleashing Potential: The Astounding Transformation Of An Young Entrepreneur Who Went From Having $36,000 USD Debt To Making Over $200k+ USD Annually

Mr. Bopanna is also a founder of the Freelanpreneur movement and a renowned Freelanpreneur mentor for thousands of his mentees and the number 1 social media influencer for his entire Kodava community with over 7 + million video views across social media channels.

Early Life

Bipin was born into a very humble, lower-middle-class family. His dad was a national chess player, and a coffee planter, and his mother is a housewife. His parents always supported and gave the best life for their only son. His parents played a big role in his success.

Bipin Bopanna always followed his passion and the things that interested him from his childhood. He was into material arts (kung fu) for more than 6+ years, he was a state-level chess player, Football player, and hockey player during his school days and when he was in his university, he became the number 1 cultural influencer and a Youtuber for his entire Kodava community. Today he has over 30k youtube subscribers and his videos have more than 7 million views. Bipin says this was possible because he is a spiritual person and he always listened to his inner voice

Bipin Bopanna’s Job Life

The real struggle started for him when he graduated from one of the top MBA colleges in India. 

His first job was in an ad agency and his salary was Rs. 17,500 INR. after investing over 1o lakhs ( 1 million INR ) into his master's degree. He was really not satisfied with his income because of what he learned in college and the reality was very different. Moreover, a Bcom graduate would get paid more. He started seeing Office politics, drama, fake people, and no growth, and he was bullied by his colleagues saying “ he is unfit to sit in this chair and he should learn to go back to primary classes to learn English '' because he was making few mistakes while speaking and writing English. All these incidents made him quit his job and start his own digital marketing agency in the same town.

He failed for the first two years and ended up begging for money for his basic needs like food and room rent. At this stage, he had huge education loan, his credit cards were maxed up, he had borrowed money from friends and family to run his business, and he was also trapped in an MML ( network marketing scam) where he made his friends and family invest money into a network marketing company and got scammed by that company. 

When talking about his parents they did everything possible to give the best education and best life to his only son. As they could not support their son after his MBA because their business was also seen as a downside and they were in debt. Overall, Bipin was in minus 30 lacs of debt. At a very early stage of his life, he faced multiple failures in both business life and personal life.

Bipin’s Turning Point

But still, he did not give up on becoming an entrepreneur and this time he went searching for mentors who could help him succeed.

His first mentor was Dan Lok, (Multi-millionaire, king of high ticket sales) , and his second mentor was Bob Proctor, then followed by Russell Brunson, Billy Gene, Peng Joon, and Alex Harmonzi. Basically, all these are the top industry titans and multi-billionaires.

Bipin directly started picking the multimillionaire's mind. That's when everything changed in his life, he got a new lens to look at life, and his mind expanded and never went back to its original state. He started realising that the entire people in the society were scammed by the education systems that made people live in mediocrity because the education system even today is focused on creating more and more employees. The formula to success according to the school system is Go to school + Get good marks + Get a degree + Get a master degree and find a  job = so that you can live in mediocrity and retire after 60 years.!

Whereas the real formula for success is Right Mindset + Right Skill Sets + Right Action = Guaranteed Success.