The Journey of Building a Seven Digit Internet Coaching Empire from 487 INR in bank account.

The Journey of Building a Seven Digit Internet Coaching Empire from 487 INR in bank account.

Internet Coaching Empire was launched with the aim to get the best for the business. With all the expertise and professionalism, Internet Coaching Empire is all set to coach and mentor you on how you can establish a successful online business. Internet Coaching Empire was launched in 2020 by Himanshu Agarwal. 


Himanshu is a consultant and a coach who has helped thousands of people with their aims and goals. His journey started as a business coach with per month income of 6,000 INR. The field attracted Himanshu like nothing, and he delved deeper into the subject. Before establishing Internet Coaching Empire, Himanshu worked with Jitesh Manwani as a salesman.


Internet Coaching Empire was established, and this well-crafted, structured course will help you boost your business to six to seven figures in no time. In the words of Himanshu, “All users have to do is trust the process and finish all task and responsibilities honestly.” The market is full of such courses that cost lacs of rupees and give nothing in return. Return on investment is very low even if one does have adequate resources and proper knowledge. Internet Coaching Empire is there to help you at a very pocket-friendly rate and has very high success rate.


From beginners to well-established service providers, Internet Coaching Empire has and till date continues to aid and assist them in their businesses. As of date, Internet Coaching Empire has successfully completed four case studies from top to bottom and have taught and mentored thousands of students across the globe and 14 lakhpatis too. Everyone guided and taught by Internet Coaching Empire has earned six-digit income as a beginner and has gone as high as seven digits. 

Himanshu says, “We help people grow without requiring them to pay for advertisements or purchase expensive software.” Companies spend a huge amount on these things with no guaranteed positive outcome, but this is not the case with Internet Coaching Empire. They mentor your journey and guarantee you positive outcome with their course. The course is nothing like a college lecture; the course is a process that the learners enjoy. The course serves the needs of various people belonging to different sectors like Education, Fashion, Health and Nutrition. You can have a look at the testimonials and reviews of the services and courses that are offered by Himanshu on his Website and YouTube channel. Within the short period of its establishment Internet Coaching Empire has built a huge base of loyal and satisfied learners. 


Internet Coaching Empire various services such as workshops, consultancy services, know-how of building a coaching enterprise on the internet, EduTech knowledge and they assist specialists and service providers in strengthening their companies and structuring it from the core. 


Internet Coaching Empire is a customer-centric company that focuses on process and outcome more than on numbers and income stats. This unique approach has made the company a huge success, and this makes Internet Coaching Empire different from all others that are already in the market. Himanshu Agarwal, the founder of Internet Coaching Empire, remarks, “Most consultants and service providers are good in their domain but not so good at running a lucrative business where they step in and handhold them to establish a business of their dreams with a money-back guarantee.”

During the initial days, it was challenging for Himanshu and for Internet Coaching Empire per se, the most challenging task, as Himanshu recalls, “The most difficult task was selling my first course to a stranger. I asked for 6000INR on a phone call to a lady in Dubai. She paid, fortunately.”


The various other challenges that Internet Coaching Empire faced was building and developing a dependable revenue stream for the company, building a young and passionate team. Currently, all the members employed are of maximum of 22 years old. “The most challenging and exciting part was ensuring that consumers receive the desired outcome,” says Himanshu.

As a part of the expansion of Internet Coaching Empire, they aim to establish an ecosystem of specialists and service providers for the current world and revolutionise the industry with a unique and unconventional approach. They have successfully completed 14 + 6 figure case studies.


Himanshu consults even MNC's and top influencers of the country to build valuable business empires. Internet Coaching Empire’s objective is to create impact, revolutionise the coaching industry and  increase the company's sales to multiple seven figures and expand multi-fold.


The journey that started with passion and interest has now expanded its horizon for Himanshu. He invites everyone and anyone from any background to jump on board and change the world as an expert or service provider.


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