The Biggest Fan of M. S. Dhoni: Praveen Balusu’s Account of Following His Idol’s Footsteps

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's sporting spirit has always attracted billions of fans across the world. Hailed as the leadership megastar, MS Dhoni is always a role model and inspirationon and off the field. The ace cricketer’s stature has been a source of inspiration to thousands of cricket fans, and there are some ardent fans who look up to MS Dhoni as the ultimate leader.

The Biggest Fan of M. S. Dhoni: Praveen Balusu’s Account of Following His Idol’s Footsteps
The Biggest Fan of M. S. Dhoni: Praveen Balusu’s Account of Following His Idol’s Footsteps

Praveen Balusu is a B.Tech. and MBA professional from Vizag, whose love for Dhoni stands out. He looks up to MS Dhoni as his role model, who dared to dream big and worked hard to make it a reality. Praveen strongly believes that his idol, MS Dhoni, is the jewel of Indian cricket, and therefore he has been a constant supporter of Team India and displays his utmost love and affection for the right-handed wicketkeeper batsman. He holds Dhoni in such high regard that he diligently follows the IPL season and looks forward to his best-loved yellow team, the Chennai Super Kings, emerging triumphant in the matches.

He believes that the Dhoni factor changes the face of the game and makes the match-day atmosphere more vibrant for his fans. Praveen’s love for Dhoni led him to designate a "yellow" corner at his home with three life-size cutouts of Dhoni and one of Leo. According to Praveen, this corner is extremely special and is decorated with multiple items in yellow to display his unwavering support for CSK and Dhoni.

Moreover, every corner of Praveen’s house is adorned with something to mark his endless love for Captain Cool. In addition, his entire family is a big fan of Dhoni and CSK, from his 72-year-old father, Mr. B. Krishna Murthy, to his young nephew, Mr. Taran Peddu. Praveen states that the heart-warming journey of Dhoni teaches an individual to channelize one’s energy in every sphere of life and approach any situation in a calm and composed manner.

If one asks Praveen what he learned from his role model, MS Dhoni, he is quick to respond that he is an icon and, in his view, the most successful of the Indian cricket team skippers who continues to add value to the lives of his fans. Praveen states that leadership is one quality that tops the list, and Dhoni continues to be an embodiment of success like no other. According to him, very few people learn the art of leadership through books and even fewer through experience, but Dhoni is a born leader.

Praveen believes that MS Dhoni is a living legend, whose energy and vigour are carried forward by his fans. Praveen’s admiration and passion also led him to author a few books, the first one is titled "A Dawn in the Lawn," a book about Dhoni and Team India's victory in the 2011 World Cup. His second book, "The Scream of the Dream," is an account of a love story.

The hard core fan Praveen's most memorable and cherished moment was meeting Dhoni and getting his autograph on his book. In his opinion, leadership is all about intent and intention. According to him, ‘intent’ simply implies attitude and aggression to win. He further explains that intention is all about leading from the front, and it's up to an individual to decide whether they want to choose Lea "DARE"ship or Lea "DARR" ship.

He further emphasizes the importance of developing these skills from a young age, since today's youth will become tomorrow's masters. Success is a combination of many factors, including hard work and luck. As a result, everyone should learn to awaken the leader within them and guide people on the right path.

Apart from this, Praveen believes that ‘networking" within the team forms an integral part of strategy building, which ensures long-term success. In his view, when a leader ensures "networking" within the team, only then will it become "net worth" for the organization. Another characteristic that a true leader displays is that they do not dwell on the source of a problem but rather focus on the symbol of victory.

Praveen urges everyone to think deeply and awaken their inner leader, which will help them truly make a difference. He states that "few are great because they are destined to be great, but few are great because they are determined to be great. It's all about being willing to go the extra mile with the right thought." Ultimately, making the right choices in life and expressing one’s talent with a powerful voice help an individual reach milestones.

Besides, Praveen describes Dhoni as the terrific game changer whose calm demeanor combined with meticulous planning, his outstanding support for his teammates, and his enticing smile, all molded into one, make him the ideal leader that one should look up to. Further, he believes that in order to succeed and become a true leader like Dhoni, one must be willing to go above and beyond and face the world fearlessly.

Praveen also cites the example of the Chennai Super Kings, a team that is wired into a single unit known as the family. He believes that creating an environment called "family," which means "fantastic admirable management," requires the combined effort of the team, which creates a healthy space for the leader to execute his or her strategies, allowing the team to reach new heights. He highlights the fact that Dhoni and CSK are so successful as a team because they have successfully created the ‘family’ environment essential for achieving success.

He owes a great deal of his major life lessons to his idol, Dhoni. Praveen Balusu regards Dhoni as his lifelong leader, who has tremendously helped him grow in all aspects of his life. He further states that a study of the champion’s life will indeed act as a source of inspiration for all the young aspirants in this country. Praveen looks forward to supporting and cheering for Dhoni and CSK in IPL 2023 and is all set to whistle and roar for his Champion Team and Champion Leader.

In addition, Praveen has also made an effort to connect Cricket with fans through a beautiful rhythmic verse:

“Cricket needs Teams...

Teams need Players...

Players need Skills...

Skills need Practice...

Practice needs Passion...

Passion needs Heart...

Heart needs Love...

Love comes from the Fans...”

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