Take the first step towards an eco-friendly Diwali with Aatishbaazi – A Firecrackers Company with a line of Green Crackers, founded by Mrs. Astha Kanal

Take the first step towards an eco-friendly Diwali with Aatishbaazi – A Firecrackers Company with a line of Green Crackers, founded by Mrs. Astha Kanal

In this age of conscious global citizens striving to reduce their carbon footprint, one brand tapped into this pulse of people today, thus, introducing an eco-friendly choice, a line of ‘green firecrackers’. By doing so, Aatishbaazi revolutionized the firecrackers industry in India. Bursting crackers is an indispensable part of Diwali celebrations, bringing people closer together to celebrate a tradition as old as time. 


Aatishbaazi is spearheaded by Mrs. Astha Kanal and Mr. Lokesh Kanal. Theirs is a simple goal - adding joy, light, and colour to people’s lives in every celebration. Aatishbaazi is emerging into a popular household name and aims to be a part of all celebrations and festivals.


Given India’s cultural diversity, the celebrations are not just restricted to certain subcultures but are celebrated by India as a whole with all its faiths. What truly binds the nation in these festivities is fireworks. Who doesn’t love to watch the majestic beauty of those lights in the sky and also on the ground? 


For time immemorial, Diwali has been a time when everybody comes together to burst crackers, thus creating irreplaceable memories. Astha believes, that in today’s day and age, with the easy accessibility to gadgets, the youth seem to be losing contact with the spirit of the festival. While growing up, they barely had access to gadgets and found joy outdoors. Bursting firecrackers together was the best group activity that one could engage in with friends and neighbours.


While Aatishbaazi firecrackers are a prominent part of the festival of Diwali and their consumption is incomparable, they are also used for several other occasions. Their motto is to create joy and they achieve that by making you look up at the sky! Aatishbaazi firecrackers have found a way to be a part of all your celebrations, be it sports, events, weddings, parties, and more.


Reacting to all the chatter about banning firecrackers since they cause air and noise pollution, Astha believes that there are several other sources of pollution - cars and factories, which operate day after day, mounting the pollution levels. Firecrackers, on the other hand, are a celebration, not a necessity, that primarily comes only once a year.


Beyond its beauty, it is a way of getting people from diverse cultures together in celebration in our vibrant India. She is of the firm belief that there should not be any limitations in bursting crackers during the festival of lights, Diwali. After all, it is a huge part of the tradition that adds flavour to the festival.


The founders Astha and Lokesh firmly believe that there should be no limitations on bursting crackers, an activity that unites one and all. With their line of ‘green firecrackers’ they have strived to provide a solution to replace regular firecrackers with those that cause relatively less pollution.


All in all, firecrackers are one such joyous activity that brings people of all ages, cultures, and faiths together. So, the next time you have a festival or an occasion to celebrate, be sure to add Aatishbaazi to beautifully enhance your celebrations with love and light.