Seven Passionate Writers and Poets you must definitely read

Seven Passionate Writers and Poets you must definitely read

Seven Passionate Writers and Poets you must definitely read

With a lot of budding talents carrying the legacy of Literature set by greats, it turned out to be a quite fascinating experience for us to pick seven inspiring literary figures who have made sure to set a high benchmark for contemporary writers.

Seven Passionate Writers and Poets you must definitely read are:

  • Madhurima Guruju 
  • Madhurya Kotla
  • Archan Thakkar 
  • Ka'Ron Gaines 
  • Mili Kumari
  • Gurpreet Kaur Sabarwal 
  • Ubbay Francis


Madhurima Guruju an aspiring poet, educator and a writer who was in the news for her upcoming book or writing activity had been missing from presence lately. After having recovered from health issues, Madhurima is now back to normal life which according to her, was a nightmare to deal with tough times on her own.

Madhurima has been cherishing the success of her poetry book Musings and Memories, achieving positive acclaim and accolades by reviewers in the world of literary arts

Since then her passion towards writing has been outrageously taking flight as she had spread wings to pen down a debut novel “When Love Lasts”. Whilst the preparation of the manuscript with attractive illustrations, however, according to the sources which had revealed that Madhurima is severely down with health complications.

Madhurima hasn’t been active on social media lately, as to which she doesn’t feel regretful of ghosting herself, especially after how her naive activities caused her enough troubles.


Author of best selling debut duo book "Essence of Broken Heart - Mystery of life" published by The Exploring Minds publication house, written alongwith her brother Avin, she is Ananya, a book lover, hard worker, dedicated & artistic designer, nature lover and a great student of life. Madhurya Kotla completed her double master degree with M.Com and MBA, and is working in financial services at present, well settled in Canada. She has participated in many blood donor camps, encouraged many for organ donations, organised R. K. MUTT Programmes. She is very active in social aura, done the best of councelling alongwith saving youth from suicide!

She embraces her writings as a method of imagination. She is a person with dreams and desires to achieve and aspire. Simple to define and hard to understand her, let her work only honk her trumpet and band. Her writings mostly leave a positive view on the minds of readers and develop inspiration to the readers.  She believes in making the world a better place to live for everyone. She is determined with a goal in her life to have her name in everyone’s heart by guiding the youth who are coming abroad without forgetting the value of their family and helping the needy people.

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Archan Thakar was born and brought up in the milk city Anand. He holds a degree in Business management. He has worked with several reputed organizations in the past few years. He is fond of traveling, dogs, and good books. 

Having been brought up in the 2000s, as a child, I had television as the major source of entertainment. I vividly remember spending countless hours watching a variety of shows. From the legendary shows like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, and Office Office, to the cartoon programs like Richie Rich, Tom and Jerry. Even in the school library, most of my time was spent experiencing the thrill of reading stories and novels. It was in the fourth grade when my father encouraged me to write a superhero story titled “Dolphin Boy”. This is when I was first exposed to writing. Writing became an outlet of expression for me in the bad times and the urge to refine my work pushed me deeper into my feelings about the world around me. Although life led to a different track in the terms of career. But  I believe that the journey till now, pain and pleasure combined, have shaped my character as a writer.

Achievements : The story of AT began with being a Writer, Co-Author (7 anthologies), Speaker, Screenwriter, Portfolio Manager, Investment Analyst toFinally an Author of Wheels Under Our Feet. He has also been awarded as the Best Debut Author 2021 by The Author Pages and Best Romantic Comedy book 2022 by LIFT Awards. He believes that once a man decides to achieve something, nothing can stop him. After all, There are Wheels Under Our Feet.


The Global Literary Sensation and Creator of the term Woke Seed Ka’Ron Gaines aka Mr. One God recently created a world record for writing and publishing six books on the same day. Ypsilanti based entrepreneur, author, recording artist and activist Ka’Ron Gaines is also the founder of One God Publishing and One God Clothing.

Fondly known as Mr. One God, Ka’Ron Gaines is the global literary sensation based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. He is the Creator of the popular term ‘Woke Seed’ which was recently incorporated into the Urban Dictionary. It means a conscious being that spreads enlightenment to others for them to enlighten themselves.  He rose to global fame after publishing his first book Woke Seed Book. Children and adults from all corners of the world were highly inspired by Light and his journey.


Mili Kumari is one of the most talented girls in Patna. Her name means a girl who loves to meet and greet people,she does and loves to gain knowledge from her peers. She is an enthusiastic girl with multiple talents. From make-up and writing, to judging beauty pageants, Mili Kumari is certainly the rising star of the Chath Bhumi, Patna. She believes that one should be a gold medalist of self love.

After completing her Graduation in English from GDM College Patna, she started pursuing Diploma in Pharmacy from Lloyd school of pharmacy, Greater Noida, Delhi. 

She never stopped learning and thought of doing something different like colouring faces,in short took her self for the course of Professional make up artist course from Vah Vah institute.

She is co author of 10+ anthologies,

with two podcast & two interviews on Spotify, ganna , Jio Sawan she is awardee of the following awards :

Literary choice award 2021

Inspiro award 2021

Achievement award 2021

Indipride award 2021

Indian Noble Awards 2022 

She has also been the cover page for two of the known magazines: The Pride of India & Allureiva

Mili Kumari has recently joined Profound Writers which is a good platform for every writer,her meditation point is Profound Writers she loves how calm and positive vibes that community gives her. She is also a content creator on the channel of Profound Writers on YouTube . She is Head of Profound Creation Troupers.

Art resides in her heart,she is planning for script writing in future and is currently working on her solo book.

Mili Kumari was the judge of the beauty pageant Mr. and Mrs . Stars Patna audition round. She is having collaborations for all her not so perfect but still close to perfect yes her acting skills.

Mili is deep believer of Self love. She says one should love herself or himself. It is the biggest amount to earn.It might help in mental health. Even she says women should be financially stable. Nor her father , brother or husband have taken any degree to feed her.

Her favourite colour is blue and pink. She is a shutterbug and love making reels of instagram. You can follow her at @biharibabuni_

At the last but not the least she is a mystery still to be revealed.

You can search who is the most talented girl of Patna on Google and all her information would appear.


Gurpreet Kaur Sabarwal is the lady with a mission. She is the founder of Startorial Technologies Pvt Limited, OneNest Studios, Tarotspace, Believeit. Gurpreet Kaur Sabarwal is also co-director of Ice College of Hotel management.

Founder of startorial technologies pvt limited with a platform named OneNest studios that provides local artists a platform to showcase their talents. We make sure that every talent is paid. Our mission is “to give every artist a platform and to fill the entertainment need of every sector”

It started with one venue and now we have venues almost all over India with the base of more then 10000+ artists.

Founder of Tarotspace – Spreading awareness of spirituality and helping people cope up with their mind, body and spirit.

Founder of believeit – A subcompany under tarotspace where we make spiritual products so it reaches to most of them. Making mental health better by the power of mind and spirituality.

Co- Director of Ice college of hotel management

Making education reach every level of the population. Making learning and studies much easier, innovative, practical and employable. She has received Navbharat women achiever’s award 2021.

To get your tarot reading done you can contact her via Instagram

To be part of open mics and standup comedy of Onenest you can contact them via Instagram

To read her creations you can follow her on instagram


Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai. He is a casting director, model, artist coordinator, digital marketing enthusiast, and above all a former bodybuilding coach. His book The Importance of Physics in BodyBuilding is an incredible journey of a bodybuilder and every muscle man can relate to it. Ubbay Francis is the son of a Spanish father and Indian mother.