Dr. M held a conversation with Present Shankaracharya to discuss spiritual well being

Dr. M held a conversation with Present Shankaracharya to discuss spiritual well being

Global thought leader and a pioneer of the 'Beyond 100' philosophy, Dr. M held a conversation with present Shankaracharya to find answers to your spiritual quest.


During the event, the founder of the Global Citizen Forum and Global Business leader, Dr. M, traces the journey of Saint Sri Adi Shankaracharya across India and the history of the Sharda Peetham of Srinagar, Kashmir. Furthermore, he spoke on three crucial aspects of life i.e., Advaita, God, and Punar Janam, and their impact on people's lives.


The event's main attraction was an hour-long private screening of the serial "Adi Shankaracharya".


Shankaracharya's concept of 'Advaita,' which advocates the 'One-ness' of the human soul with the cosmos, was the key topic of the discussion.


Speaking during the event, Dr. M says, "I have always been driven by the vision to make the world a better place to live where everyone strives to achieve happiness and togetherness. I believe that global unity is more important than any individual's success. Once you learn to live together, nothing can stop the world from achieving milestones."


Dr. M has been a Founder Member of the Asia Business Council and a Former Member of the International Advisory board, Global Corporate Governance Research Center, and The conference board, USA. His numerous projects aim to create an environment where everyone can live "happy, healthy, and affluent beyond 100." He is the Founder and Chairman of the Dr. BK Modi Group, a major conglomerate interested in mobility, finance, healthcare, entertainment, and technology.


The global leader has also written books on various topics, including 'One God,' 'India & Hinduism,' and 'Hinduism,' among others. In addition, Dr. M launched the Global Citizen Forum in 2012 as a non-profit organization with the goal of building 'One World' that transcends gender, religion, ethnicity, and boundaries. Lately, through the Saket 2020 mediciti in Delhi and the Modi Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, he has been focusing on increasing consumers' quality of life by encouraging cutting-edge innovation in healthcare and life quality.


Dr. M has worked extensively in the interfaith sector in numerous positions of responsibility and is a strong supporter of Leadership for Peace and Social Harmony. He organized the Dharma Prasar Yatra in 1999. He was nominated by the United Nations as the Coordinator for the Indian Subcontinent for the Millennium World Peace Summit in 2000. Dr. M’s business conglomerate is credited for developing the first photocopier, fax, floppy drive, GSM call, First Indian Brand of Handsets, First Dual SIM Phone, First 3D Phone, and India's First Mobile VAS Company, as well as creating a holistic ecosystem that modernised business.


Dr. M, a billionaire global citizen, has bagged numerous awards under his name. He has been felicitated with a Lifetime Achievement Award, Channel News Asia – Singapore given by Prime Minister Lee, "Man of the year" instituted by the Institute of Economic Studies, Global Thought leader felicitation by Chishty Foundation, Global Wellness Leader by A4M, "Outstanding Telecom and Informatics Entrepreneurship Award" by Wisitex Foundation, Global Thought Leader Award – Stardust. Apart from this, Dr. M has also been awarded the

Seal of the US House of Representatives, in recognition of his contribution to Indo-American relations and his "extraordinary  innovations and Humanitarian efforts Worldwide."