Minting a new era of Cryptocurrency & NFTs by DYKAN

Minting a new era of Cryptocurrency & NFTs by DYKAN

Since a few years ago, the topics of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been hotly debated. However, even though NFTs and cryptocurrencies are very different, many people still mistakenly think they are the same thing and due to a lack of knowledge in this investment area people end up losing their money often dealing with a great loss.

But what if investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs could be done more easily and safely with fun? Well, the world owes a debt of gratitude to businesses like DYKAN, which recognized the difficulties consumers had when dealing with cryptocurrencies and NFTs and offers a secure and user-friendly platform for trading and buying these assets in form of DYKAN Coins & DYKAN NFTs.

Now that we know about DYKAN, let's look at how their platform makes life easier for owners of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

What are DYKAN Coins & DYKAN NFTs?

DYKAN Coins (DKN) are a decentralized cryptocurrency for a quick and safe digital payment network. It is even on COINSBIT, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Since DKN is a utility token that enables a person to make utility bill payments via the PAY app, they are made to provide convenience, cost-effectiveness, and time efficiency usage among the peer-to-peer community. A new sustainable circular economy will be facilitated by the limited quantity of DYKAN tokens, which are utilized by thousands of individuals for trade, shopping, and other traditional activities. Future open source blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency DKN tokens offer minimal costs and quick transactions for the next e-commerce.

DYKAN NFTs are similar to other NFTs only in that they are digital assets and a representation of real-world items, such as artwork, music, in-game items, or films. The only difference is that DYKAN NFTs offer a tonne of benefits for their buyers, including membership in the "DYKAN Success Club," 5% profit sharing from DYKAN's Crypto mini-games, lifetime cryptocurrency trading for free on DYKAN's crypto exchange, and free entry in yearly benchmark parties of “DYKAN Success Club”

What are the core services offered by DYKAN Crypto Eco-System?

DYKAN provides its users with a wide range of services to expand and secure their crypto ecosystem. Some of them are as follows:

NFTs: As was already indicated, DYKAN NFT holders have special perks. By playing DYKAN games and crypto-related mini-games, it enables its owners to earn a passive income.

Crypto Mini Games-Play-to-earn (P2E) platforms are a new development in the market, and DYKAN offers them through their crypto minigames. Players in this P2E gaming can create or accumulate in-game assets and trade or sell those at their convenience, which has even been made possible by blockchain technology and the exchange of NFTs.

DYKAN-EX- Creating a cryptocurrency bank for the cryptocurrency world is in line with Coin-EX- DYKAN exchange's aim which will include cryptocurrency fixed deposits, cryptocurrency systematic investment plans, and many more features. It also includes features like making coin listing easier for genuine Crypto assets, providing CSIP (Crypto Systematic Investment Plan) CFD, P2P, spot trading, margin trading, farming & yield farming, stacking, and much more.

What makes DYKAN coins superior to others?

DYKAN Coin believes that everyone with the ability to make wise decisions and the drive to succeed should have their economic and financial circumstances improved. Thus, DYKAN Coin offers business opportunities to everyone without requiring a significant financial outlay and ensures an incredible flow of revenue so they can achieve their goals in life.

“We take the motive to return something to our society and nation it’s our soul aim to promote products at very affordable cost. We provide an outstanding business opportunity free/optional to become self-dependent and achieve luxury living, uphold the highest standards of your desire, and capitalize on your actual potential by promoting our mission to the masses you can achieve anything in terms of wealth, prosperity, and wellness.”

Prasanta Meher DYKAN's Founder

Additional significant advantages that DYKAN Coin provides its users include: -

  • Advance Software-Even if a user lacks trading expertise, DYKAN software still assists them; all they need is a reliable internet connection and a computer to make a sizable profit.
  • Better employment opportunities: DYKAN recognizes talent in people and cordially invites everyone to join DYKAN as a long-term member to improve and sustain their lives.
  • Great Social Platform- DYKAN Coin is a community of the most skilled individuals who may create social platforms and provide the best opportunities.
  • Privacy- When you sign up for DYKAN, it turns into an asset that pays interest and offers robust privacy protections. They now offer services for money transfers to their subscribers.
  • Customer support- To alleviate users' concerns, DYKAN coin customer support provides the quickest and most trustworthy answers to their questions.

About DYKAN’s Roadmap for Q3 2022-

The third quarter of 2022's DYKAN roadmap consists of the following:

  • creation of the DYKAN Coin and launch of its website.
  • creation of mockups and ideas for games that allow players to earn cryptocurrency.
  • 1% AirDrop.
  • Community building on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.
  • 5000+ wallet holders with social media and influencer marketing; and a novel and simple method of buying coins through a website (Without SWAP)
  • DYKAN Coins are even listed on Coinsbit exchange now.

About DYKAN’s Roadmap for Q4 2022-

  • Demo and Beta Testing of Crypto Mini Games.
  • Mockups and POC of Crypto Banking Dykan X.
  • 1% AirDrop.
  • IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) Announcement.
  • 10x Growth in Twitter and Telegram Community and adding 20000+ Wallet Holders.
  • Aggressive Marketing of DYKAN COIN & Crypto Mini Games.
  • First Round of NFT Launching with Exclusive Benefits.
  • Utility Bill Payments & online shopping credits will now be introduced and announced.