MEDICON 2023: 20,000 doctors take pledge to donate organs at DMA annual conference in Delhi

MEDICON 2023: 20,000 doctors take pledge to donate organs at DMA annual conference in Delhi

More than 20,000 doctors and medical professionals took a pledge to donate organs at “MEDICON 2023”, the 64th Annual Conference of the Delhi Medical Association, held on Sunday in Delhi. 

Delhi Medical Association (DMA), the highly reputed professional body of doctors in the national capital and the Delhi State Branch of the Indian Medical Association, organised "MEDICON 2023", a multispeciality conference, to highlight the innovations and new avenues in the field of medical sciences.

"The conference not only addresses the latest advancements in the medical field but also fosters collaboration and dialogue among healthcare professionals. The diverse scientific programme and esteemed speakers shared their valuable insights on the latest innovations in the medical field and to tackle the challenges faced by the medical fraternity," said Dr. Ashwini Dalmiya, President of Delhi Medical Association.

At the 64th annual conference of Delhi Medical Association held on November 26 at Ashok Hotel in Delhi, the doctors not only took the pledge to donate organs but also assured that they will motivate their patients regarding this noble cause. The initiative by DMA is yet another positive step in the ongoing efforts to minimise the suffering of the patients and their families struggling between life and death waiting for timely organ transplant.

On this occasion, Dr. Ashwini Dalmiya said that this is the occasion every year when we gather on one platform and share information.

“It is important that in the scientific social gathering, we share our problems and our issues among ourselves and also those important things which will change the social thinking and the nation will move forward on the path of progress. In such a situation, one issue is that of organ donation. Therefore, not only the doctors present here but also our 20 thousand fellow doctors associated with the association took the pledge of organ donation today and not only this, wherever they meet the patients, they will motivate them for the same,” added Dr Dalmiya.  

The oath of organ donation was administered by Anil Kumar, director of National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO).

The annual conference of DMA also focused on various issues pertaining to the doctors and medical professionals across the country. The members of DMA, observed a silent protest at MEDICON 2023 to reiterate their demand for the Central Act on violence against doctors, hospitals and medical professionals. Delhi Medical Association has been at the forefront of leading the fight against violence and attacks on doctors in the national capital.  

About 2,000 doctors gathered at Ashok Hotel held a silent protest expressing their displeasure of lack of a Central Act to tackle the attack on doctors.

DMA Secretary Dr. Ajay Bedi and former President Dr. Vinay Aggarwal reiterated the issue of assault on doctors. They said that if the doctors keep getting attacked then who will treat the patients? There seems to be a lack of solid policy and proper intentions. Every day the attendants of the patient lose their temper in anger and the doctor becomes the victim. Government's decisive action regarding doctor's safety is necessary, they added.

“At the same time, the public will also have to understand that the doctors in the hospital are there to serve the save lives. Not to take life. This incident of assault can also be prevented by the communication between doctor and patient. If there is something lacking from the management side of the hospital then attention needs to be paid in that direction,” Dr Bedi added.

Dr. Girish Tyagi, Registrar of Delhi Medical Council (DMC), said that we also recently marched on foot from Maulana Azad Medical College to Rajghat. But, apart from getting assurances about changing the situation, nothing has happened till now. The assurance has been coming for a long time but the situation has not improved till now. This is a serious issue and very important for doctors, he added.

At MEDICON 2023, a panel discussion on "Medical Profession at Crossroads, Role of Council, Media, Judiciary and Police" was also held.

Dr. Arun Gupta, President of Delhi Medical Council, reiterated the issue of medical ethics and the legal battle faced by many doctors.  

“It is said that if the doctor is wrong, hang him, punish him, but who will decide whether the doctor is at fault? Court! Media trial is wrong. It is also wrong for the police to impose Section 304 on their own. For this Section, first permission of the committee of Delhi Medical Council is required. But, it is wrong to do this without prior consultation with DMC. The Supreme Court has made its position clear on this. So we oppose the police imposing arbitrary sections. If we remain silent today, this will become a tradition,” Dr Gupta said.

At MEDICON 2023 several sessions were also held on different diseases and their treatment. These included achievements in the field of Cancer, Stroke, Heart Disease, Nephro and Knee Replacement Surgery, among others.  

Dr. Dalmiya, reiterated at the end of the programme that problems can be solved easily through mutual communication and  that is why it is important to meet once a year so that we can share our problems on one platform and exchange ideas on the innovations and research work in the medical field.  

With a membership of over 18,000, DMA has been a cornerstone in the medical fraternity for the past 108 years, contributing significantly not only to the healthcare landscape of Delhi but also making a commendable impact on the nation's medical community.

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