Bestselling Author Jiganshu Sharma is ready to launch her Fifth book

Bestselling Author Jiganshu Sharma is ready to launch her Fifth book

Bestselling horror-comedy PAPAs sequel PAPA 2is ready to win the hearts of its readers.

Here is a sneak peek of the PAPA 2

Once again, the demonic murder mystery is back in the lives of the Mehra family and police investigator Rajveer Singhmar.

But this time, it seems unsolvable.

Who was murdered?

Who else will die?

Who else will be saved?

Who else will be betrayed?

But the most important question is, who will help Rajveer Singhmar?

Did the occult scientists and Pawan Mehra enough, or somebody else, have to jump to save the lives of innocent people?

The finale of every chapter unveils the mystery.

And the climax is .........................”

The writer confirmed that she wrote the book on reader’s demand.

Born as a rebellious girl in a middle-class family Jiganshu Sharma is the bestselling author of Friends Forever ya whatever,’ ‘Papa,’ ‘Love, Ladies & Siyappaaand Patang.She is widely known for ruling Amazons number 1 bestselling list within a week after the release of her books. Jiganshus passion for writing kept her dream intact of becoming a successful writer and author. She converted her dream into a reality on 10th August 2017 with the launch of her first novel.

Excerpt about her books

Jiganshu Sharmas first book Friends Forever ya Whateveris a Rom-com fiction that was launched on 10th August, 2017. Her second book Papawas launched on 14th July 2020.

Papais a suspense thriller, a murder mystery with a flavour of comedy and horror, and was a bestseller in the horror category for months. She also started coaching many upcoming writers to finish their novels. Good food and impromptu vacations are her weaknesses.

Her third book Love, Ladies & Siyappaa…’ was published on 26th Jan 2021. She penned six short stories, about six female protagonists who hail from different demographics of India. They have siyappaass (problems) and drive out quirky and out-of-the-box solutions to live happily ever after.

Her fourth book Patangwas published on 9th October 2021. Its a collection of Hindi poems divided into four parts which include Me, Love, Life, and Childhood. Most of the poems are inspired by her lifes events and problems which she had faced in her childhood and teenage years and when she fell in love.

Jiganshu is a black belt in Taekwondo and a feminist who dares to stand for women. 

She shares, While chasing my dreams in the corporate world, I realized this was not what I wanted. I was not happy so I had quit that job and joined a nationalised bank to follow my passion in writing. Banking job is just to earn her livelihood; I am a woman of today who believe in taking care of her own expenses.”

Jiganshu is appreciated for her novel Papaon different platforms by different renowned book bloggers and co-authors. Ms. Nidhi Bisht, a renowned face on YouTube, had read and recommended the novel Papa.Famous book blogger Rashmi Prasad says — “The satirical elements in the book make it more interesting.”

Now she is living her dream of being a versatile novelist and a writing coach. Besides writing, she likes to play the violin, bake cakes, paint, planter, and practice taekwondo and Muay Thai in her spare time. Good food and impromptu vacations are her weaknesses. She is a loving mother to a three-year-old son and a supporting wife currently staying in Gurgaon.

She shares, In my childhood, I was a very shy, chubby and bookworm who prefer to read books in comfort of her home rather than playing out and making real friends. This all turn me into a very dreamy person and my dreams inspired me to write this book. I always wanted to be a super hero or super cop, with super powers, save innocent people at the times of distress. Well I dont have any super powers but I do have a pen and my super brain and both can write good stories and save people from depression, frustration and spread happiness through writings.”

Jiganshu Sharmas all the books take the top spot on Amazons all-time bestseller list within a week after their release. Know more about Jiganshu from her social media platforms

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