An Inspiring Journey of Vivek Sharma, A digital business & client

An Inspiring Journey of Vivek Sharma, A digital business & client

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It will take only 5 minutes to write this story but it took more than 5 years to achieve whatever Vivek has high now. When Vivek was in 2nd year of his graduation there was a subject on entrepreneurship development. At that time, he decide to become an entrepreneur at that time he didn’t know even the meaning of this word but he started loving this word.


Everybody wishes to be able to succeed, but only a small number of individuals are able to make their dreams and wishes come true! Vivek Sharma did everything it took to move forward in his life. Unfortunately, he didn’t get success easily but he was searching for his true passion & inner voice. After a long time, Vivek started a construction business with his family. He did hard work like labor somehow he & his elder brother make some money out of it but it was not satisfaction moment for him, because he was still searching for true passion & inner voice.


After 2 years of struggle in the construction business finally he quit this business with a loss of 10 lakh. After 6 months he started his new business in Visa immigration with his family. That was a horrible time for Vivek & his family because more than 10 people did the court cases against him & his family. Vivek & his 2 real brothers went to jail for this case, but life didn’t give him a hard time only he faced lots of money & survival issues. Many times he used this to commit suicide he cried alone. At that time one of Vivek’s friends came to him & give him a networking marketing plan. He took money from his father after fighting & started his journey alone for the first time in his life.


But again, destiny wanted something different for him He did more than 2 years of struggle in networking marketing & made just 30 thousand rupees. But from network marketing, Vivek gained some skills then he decided to quit network marketing & he started his online journey in as a Youtuber, He started his first Youtube channel with his friends a vines channel that frustrated villagers but again he quoted this game because he wanted to something valuable that can improve society. He again quoted the Youtube channel, then he started a new educational channel but he didn’t get success. Only one thing Vivek always used to find for his inner voice & true passion.


Now, this is the final life-changing moment for Vivek he made his first online income using his skills of video editing. When he started 2,3 Youtube channels he didn’t get success in his youtube career but learned video editing skills. He started getting clients for his video editing services & start making money. But after some time, he realized that he want more clients but in order to get more clients he need to generate leads. After that, we started learning lead generation from multiple platforms.


But again, Vivek realized that he need to learn sales closing skills to get more projects. He started learning sales closing skills. Finally, this is time, Vivek started making good money from online marketing. Finally, he decided to switch to high-ticket clients he learned from the world's top mentors like sam ovens, dan lok, etc.


That was the wow moment when Vivek finally his inner voice & his true passion & that was coaching other people to skip this journey & make this journey easy for them. He has worked with India’s leading educational brands like Leadsguru, YEIP, and GyanKamao. His work is appreciated by Dr. Vivek Bindra, Avi Arya, Deepak Bajaj, Kewal Kishan, and Nageshwar Shukla. He trained more than 10000 people online to do the same. He made more than 20 six-figure earners. He has more than 25k fans following on the internet with the name of Digital Vivek Sharma Now he is on a mission to help more than 10 lakh people to scale their business online.


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