A Thought Provoking Documentary Film That Unveils Harsh Realities

In a poignant exploration of one of India's most pressing social issues, a powerful documentary film titled Ab kahaan jaungi? (where shall I go now?)"Stories Behind Closed Doors" has emerged, shedding light on the grim reality of domestic violence post-marriage. Produced by Little Crew Visions, run by a duo Kulbhushan sarin and Ilaa Jain. The documentary delves deep into the lives of survivors, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into their struggles and triumphs.

A Thought Provoking Documentary Film That Unveils Harsh Realities

Set against the backdrop of urban and rural India, the film captures the harrowing experiences of individuals who have endured physical, emotional, and psychological abuse within the confines of their own homes. Through intimate interviews and compelling testimonials, survivors bravely share their stories, breaking the silence that has shrouded this pervasive issue for far too long.

“Ab kahaan jaungi” not only exposes the prevalence of domestic violence but also underscores the systemic barriers that hinder survivors from seeking help and justice. From societal stigmas to legal loopholes, the film confronts the multifaceted challenges that perpetuate the cycle of abuse, compelling viewers to confront uncomfortable truths.

Moreover, the documentary serves as a catalyst for dialogue and action, igniting conversations on gender equality,its effect on the children of those families, human rights, and the urgent need for societal change. By amplifying the voices of survivors , the film empowers audiences to challenge ingrained attitudes and support initiatives aimed at eradicating domestic violence.

As the credits roll,
“Ab kahaan jaungi” leaves an indelible mark on viewers, urging them to confront the uncomfortable realities of domestic violence and stand in solidarity with those who have suffered in silence. It is a poignant reminder that behind closed doors, there are stories waiting to be heard, voices waiting to be amplified, and lives waiting to be transformed.

This duo has been working together for two years now. They together worked on a book - 'Surrendering me for us' and now have started their own movie production company. ' Little crew visions '

Ilaa jain is an author. She is a UGC qualified professor. A mommy of two wonderful sons and guardian to mentally retarded brother. She comes from a small town.
Currently pursuing her Honors degree in psychology. She has a diploma in Early childhood care and education. She is a woman who is running her family single handedly without seeking anyone’s support. She says, " In my life, I have learnt that, If you’re ready to work on your dreams they can definitely come true."

Kulbhushan Sarin is a self taught videographer and editor. Who runs his own business and has done many collaborations with brands for creating advertisements for social media. He advocates Women's Rights and wanted to contribute to this cause in society. He says, families should consider changes in their daughter’s behaviour post marriage. Her silence her

As a first-time documentary filmmaker, their primary intention with this project was to shed light on a deeply disturbing yet often overlooked issue: domestic violence against Indian women post-marriage and the harrowing struggle they endure in their quest for survival. Through this documentary, they aimed to bring forth the stories and experiences of these courageous women who have silently battled societal stigmas and oppressive cultural norms.

Ab kahaan Jaungi has Won four recognition awards at Accolades Global Film Competition one of them is "Use of film for social change" &  for Documentary Feature. It has won " Best provoking Documentary feature film on Women" at Filmfare India International Film Festival 2024. It has won " Iconic Pride of India for ' Outstanding contribution for betterment of society through Cinema'.

It has won Dada saheb Phalke Film Puruskar 2023 -24 To Thirty creative minds of India as a Best Provoking documentary on Women . Though it has been showcased privately at film competitions, the premiere of this film is still awaited.