XYZ ARROW Founder ASWINI KUMAR PATRA creating remarkable footprint in fundraising globally

XYZ ARROW  Founder ASWINI KUMAR PATRA creating remarkable footprint in fundraising  globally

Introducing the Founder and CEO of XYZ ARROW  ASWINI KUMAR PATRA as one of the most promising entrepreneurs for his excellence in the field of business consulting and fundraising services. Aswini with his friend Kandarp established XYZ ARROW  in the year 2020 with the mission to provide Business  Consulting, fundraising,incubatpion support fund restructuring, etc. Over the years aswini with his team has created a track record of providing fundraising-related services as the front face and one of the lead players.

There’s something special about fundraising and business growth products, services, and companies that stand out from the competition and provide uniquely structured fund management and fundraising services.

Interview with the Visionary entrepreneur ASWINI KUMAR PATRA 

Tell me a little bit about your journey to becoming one of the most promising entrepreneurs in fundraising service.

Aswini kumar patra– Well it was a very interesting journey .so by education  I am an aeronautical engineer but from my childhood, there was a fire inside my blood to become a successful entrepreneur. during my masters in ITALY,  with Industry Experience I explored more Fundraising domain, 2018  I started my journey in this domain with a German company and serving corporates & startups in consulting and fundraising. then in 2020 I officially registered  My own company  XYZ ARROW along with my friend KANDARP PATEL.

How do you feel about The recognition?
ASWINI – It always feels great when your efforts and services get recognized, It is my and my team's collective efforts over the past few years that make this happen.

What services does your company provide and how does it stand different from other companies?
ASWINI– We are mainly into fundraising and business consulting services, we specialize in all formats of fundraising such as debt, equity, bridge funding, etc. Also, we are sector agnostic and working globally. we stand different from other fundraising companies as we don't move directly to the raising process before moving first we screen and check whether its fundable or not if it's not fundable then  we are structuring the company first to become investable .then we create strategy and moving for fundraising . People working with XYZ ARROW are industry professionals, so we deliver service with an industry touch.

What is your motive and mission with XYZ ARROW?
ASWINI  – In this rapidly growing financial world we started to develop an expert team that can help companies to become free from financial problems and instead of thinking about finance promoters can focus on their business growth and expansion.

What words of advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
ASWINI  – Be Focused, Persistent, transparent, Trustworthy, believe in yourself, and always be motivated towards your goal.

Are there currently any exciting projects you are working on?
ASWINI – Yes, we do have several large ticket size projects going on in the USA, EUROPE, ASIA, and MIDDLE EAST  in various domains such as infrastructure development, renewable energy, aerospace, and also in tech .
also one of the good announcment is that recently we entered into Indian banking and NBFC finance sector to create some changes in the market senario.

What is the proudest moment as a business owner?
ASWINI – There are numerous occasions there when our effort is acknowledged and applauded by our clients .

What motivates you at work?
ASWINI – My enthusiasm for learning new things and my commitment to staying up-to-date in this industry enable me to run this business more successfully. In every situation that motivates me, I always attempt to stay optimistic.

Indeed, Entrepreneurs play an integral role in fuelling economic growth and contribute to nation building efforts. And ASWINI Is dedicating him self towards growth of entrepreneurs through fundraising and business building . It was inspiring to note the impactful story of ASWINI KUMAR PATRA who is contributing tremendously to India’s growth through his company XYZ ARROW .