Sonia Kaur Accepts Awards in India

Sonia Kaur Accepts Awards in India


A culinary entrepreneur from Bali, Sitara Indian Restaurants, Mrs. Sonia Kaur, being one of the women of the G20 countries (Group Twenty), received the award '123 Power Women in 123 Minutes' from Vision Digital India.

Award was presented in Bangalore, India, coinciding with International Women's Day, Wednesday (8/3), while creating the name Sonia Kaur entered in the Karnataka Book of Records.

Sonia herself became the only woman who selected Indonesian. This Indian restaurateur in Denpasar is known as an entrepreneur who has a concern for the development of

micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Sonia was also chosen because she was active in her activities. Social and humanitarian. "Thanks to Vision Digital India for awarding this honor. Of course, I would be more excited to

take on the duties and

responsibilities of advancing the women entrepreneurs," said, Sonia. "I want to make Indonesia proud with the work and performance of Indonesian women," she added. Talking about the challenges involved for women entrepreneurs in Indonesia, she added. Yes, earlier, we had some difficulties when we wanted to work or establish a business. But things are changing now, especially in big cities, where women are being welcomed to join the workforce. This work culture is yet to percolate in the rural area, though.

On this grand occasion, prominent figures from the Film, Industry, NGO, Education, Sports Figures, Media, Veernaris (Wife of the Armed Forces personally who

gave their lives to the country), The company, IPS, IFS, KAS officers, and others were present. 

Sonia is a week-long visit to India, and meeting a lot of spiritual and Political signatories over cultural exchange and spreading the word of humanity.

Vision Digital India, which is an Eco-Forum, preselects names who are nominated for great women from

G20 countries. "We received an overwhelming response with more than 950 nominations from all over the world," said Dr. Hari Krishna Maram, Head of Vision Digital India, Friday.

The selection of 123 outstanding women was initiated by Vision Digital India in collaboration with AIMS Institutes.

Sonia Kaur, a third-generation Indian, was born and brought up in Indonesia. Originally from Punjab, my Parents started a sports shop in Surabaya. Later, her mom wanted to expand the business and also wanted to introduce Indian culture. The best way to do that was through food. That's why she and her dad decided to open an Indian restaurant called 'Sitara'. Sonia, being the second generation entrepreneur, carried the legacy and now manages three restaurants in Bali, Indonesia, which is actually a boon for Indian tourists visiting Bali for ex-pats working in Bali, where they get to eat Indian food. 

About Sitara: Sitara is a chain of Indian restaurants in Bali (Indonesia)which is ISO 9000 certified. We are 15 years old now, and our determination and passion haven't dimmed. We serve authentic, mouth-watering Indian food from North to South — vegetarian, Jain, vegan, and of course, non-vegetarian. We have also introduced Mumbai Chowpatty food and have a good variety of sweet dishes! Also, we don't use MSG in our cooking.

We have catered to many international events, destination weddings, and spiritual events like Shivyog or Art of Living and serve to visit Indian ministry officials and dignitaries of the Indonesian government. Presently, Sitara has three outlets in Surabaya with a capacity of 500 people. In Bali-Denpasar, the seating capacity is 170, and Ubud has 120.