Saffronberry, the only publisher giving minimum guaranteed sales

Saffronberry, the only publisher giving minimum guaranteed sales

In every age of entrepreneurship and solution-finding races, there is always that one company that ushers itself in a specific sector to the edge of perfection. There is that one company, that one start-up, that one seed which nominates itself for being the first choice by the any particular audience which it tends to target. We all call that enterprise, the  “torchbearer”, and here in the expanding market of self-publishing services, we have that one torchbearer, named Saffronberry. 

Since 2021, when it’s just one and a half year of it coming in the market, it has already begun innovating and adding innovating power to the services sector, as if defying the odds, defying the status quo of the traditional belief where there has been no beliefs in innovation in the services sector, something which is not hardware, so much lacking the touch of technology, but it’s Ankit Mangal Singh, and it’s certainly his company, Saffronberry proving it wrong. And this time, the stakes are higher. More than ever. They are providing minimum guaranteed sales to their authors publishing under their Jupiter package or more and with job assistance in the related writing sector, plus internship assistance to young writers who also dream to make writing their living. And clearly, they are the most affordable ones. And it’s not that they have fewer services, they certainly have much more. The Jupiter package even has brand creation assistance. 

While most self-publishing enterprises fail to provide what matter most to the authors which is sales, in partnership with Slystone Book Marketers, Saffronberry is providing minimum guaranteed sales, which is as if writers and authors have got a best friend for their publishing and publicizing needs with a dash of super elasticity and affordability. 

“We are not only different, but in all aspects of our work ethics, company culture, and client-to-business relationships we think different. Apple has always been a role model, for us and my personal favourite Steve Jobs is for me. We try to make the packages such like every person and not only the financially sound person could publish their book, and we’re proud to do what we’re doing but in this business, it’s all innovation that can fetch results, and not just novelty, so yeah, we’re trying hard to do better and better. The winter is coming and there’s a war coming with it too. We are prepared, now it’s time to do something different, to try something different, and we want to tell all our competitors just these words: “We are ready!”

He had said so once, now it’s true. These were some of the lines from Ankit Mangal Singh, Founder and CEO of Saffronberry Inc. in an interview with some news reporters which is going hot online. It is full of passion, of the hunger and of course it smells like hope for writers and authors, all over the globe who are holding their pens under the limelight and their thoughts whether they would ever get what they cherish. But hey! Here they are, Saffronberry, you are just a text away from them.