Let us Walk with Labeeb and his Mission:

Let us Walk with Labeeb and his Mission:

Together, We Can Transform Lives Affected by Bowlegs children.

Labeeb Ahmad 22 years, who want to serve humanity with his own years of challenge against all odds.


Kerala, India. In a world that often seems to favour the fortunate, it's stories like these that reaffirm our faith in the resilience of the human spirit. This is the remarkable journey of a young boy who, against all odds, is determined to turn the tide of fate for countless children facing the heart-wrenching trials of bowlegs disease in India.


Meet Labeeb Ahmed, born into a humble family in a small village in Kerala, India. His life began with a heavy burden – bowlegs disease, a condition that distorts the legs, making even the simplest of tasks an arduous challenge. From his early years, he endured the pain and difficulties of this ailment, often feeling like an outcast due to his physical condition.


Labeeb's family, struggling to make ends meet, could hardly afford the medical care he desperately needed. His dreams of a normal childhood, let alone a future as a medical doctor, seemed unreachable. But hope flickered in the darkest of hours. Labeeb's path to recovery emerged when he received ankle-foot orthoses (AFO), a brace that gradually corrected his leg deformities, giving him a chance to walk and run like any other youth. It was a transformative moment, a glimmer of hope that ignited his unwavering determination.


As he walked his way to future life, Labeeb was not only nurturing dreams of a healthier, happier life for himself, but also envisioning a future where he could help children like him who were still struggling in silence. His personal struggle became the driving force behind his mission - to become a medical doctor, a saviour for millions of poor children suffering from the same plight in India.


The situation for children with bowlegs disease in India is indeed dire. Countless young souls are held hostage by this condition, their childhoods marred by pain, discomfort, and stigmatization. Limited access to proper medical care leaves many trapped in a cycle of despair, robbing them of their potential and dreams.


Labeeb's journey took an incredible turn when he secured admission to a public university in Helwan, Egypt, a major milestone on his path to becoming a doctor. He now stands at the threshold of his dreams, ready to transform the lives of countless children in India. But he needs your support. The cost of medical education is a colossal challenge for his family, and he is looking for compassionate hearts willing to help him turn his dream into a reality.


Labeeb's mission is not just a career choice; it's a calling. He envisions a world where no child in India suffers the agony of bowlegs disease without access to medical care. He dreams of a future where he can lend his healing hands to those who need it most, offering them a chance to walk, run, and embrace life without the heavy burden of this disease.


We invite you to be a part of Labeeb's incredible journey and support his noble cause. Your contribution will not only shape a promising future for one determined boy but also illuminate the lives of countless children in India, restoring their hope, and paving the way for brighter tomorrows.


Labeeb's story reminds us that no dream is too big and no obstacle is insurmountable when the human spirit is fuelled by compassion and purpose. Let's rally together and be the wind beneath Labeeb's wings as he soars toward his dream of becoming a doctor, healing the hearts and legs of countless children in India. Please contact Mr. Soopy who initiated this humanitarian help for him, those who want to support him and his cause may please contact him on

+91 94469 54141or through email sidravtk@gmail.com