Indiathon- A world record by SIPA Entertainment

Indiathon- A world record by SIPA Entertainment

December 3rd, 2022 saw a wonderful event INDIATHON in Pune to celebrate Amrit Mahotsav to mark 75th years of independence of India. Dr, YashRaj Patil from DPU honoured this event by being the main sponsor. London books of record granted the record breaking certificate for Mob dance on vande Mataram. At any given point throughout the event INDIATHON saw the audiences of over 1500 people. Special Guest included Anand Bhagat whereas Dr. Pooja borale  was the chief guest.  Colours of India presented beautiful traditional attires from Saundh, Ataah and Nataak. Milind Gunaji rocked the stage on Walk for the nation concept. Sangram chowghule and Snehal chowghule ( made the stage even more beautiful when they took their walk on the ramp in beautifully drapes Naatak weaves. We thank all our community partners, support sponsors. Show was opened by Mrs. Maharashtra Classic 2022®️ Mrs Archana Bhagat Schafer amd also the celebrity choreographer of India-O-Thon. This wonderful event was brainchild and organised by sipa entertainment and Sipa dancing School of Sahil Sah a Dancepreneur, boogie woogie winner, Marathi movie Choreographer. He has his expertise in conceptualised wedding choreographies, Artistic dance and many more. SIPA Entertainment is 17 years old dance cum entertainment firm and has been organising celebrity events, Pageants,etc since long. 

He has always been a great dancer and has been promoting the same. People who have worked under Sahil on projects have always recommended his leadership skills and the kind of learning he offers to his subordinates. Especially since there are so many channels to use and forms of content to produce. They are also astute leaders, driving business growth while focusing on creativity, balancing multiple platforms and working in a fast-paced environment.

A lot of his choreography fundas, pageant strategies have been appreciated and adopted by the brands that he had worked for. His choreographies includes themes like love in imagination, starry nights, shiv parvati etc.

His guru Nihal Khan always inspires him. He always talks and takes inspiration from people & things around him. He has always been extrovert and keen on learning new things.

From dancing to Events Sahil keeps himself involved in minute details without any kind of micro-management. He believes that one must know the nitty gritties of the funnel so that you can fix at the right time and the right spot. He has his own different models for designing the different campaigns at different channels. He follows certain strategy and rest he does as per the requirements which involves a lot of flexibility.

Sahil comes from the background of dance and he has done certifications in fitness and dance from Ashley Lobo’s school of dance. He had done a lot of freelance work for quite some time.

He has taken SIPA to great heights and still has to achieve lot more. Pune’s one of the well known company who has given platforms to many upcoming artist and doing lot many things for them. 

We have always believe in the qoute “ Lets Make it happen”.