Discover Abha Multispeciality Clinic: Where Holistic Care Meets Advanced Technology for Lasting Results.

Discover Abha Multispeciality Clinic: Where Holistic Care Meets Advanced Technology for Lasting Results.

Abha Multispeciality Clinic: A Heaven  for Skin, Hair and Body Care.

If you're looking for permanent solutions for your skin, hair, and body problems, look no further than Abha Multispeciality Clinic. Led by Dr. Kinjal Bhayani Anadkat, a renowned consultant homeopath, cosmetologist, and trichologist, the clinic offers evidence-based treatments for all your individual needs, all at an affordable cost.

At Abha Multispeciality Clinic, you can enjoy a range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, from regular seasonal problems to long-term issues like acne scars, surgical scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, freckles, stretch marks, birthmarks, corns, warts, and more. The clinic is equipped with the most advanced and branded aesthetic machines that deliver excellent results with minimal procedure time.

In addition to cosmetic treatments, the clinic also provides permanent solutions to your problems with safe and effective homoeopathic treatment. This is because the clinic believes in providing holistic care that targets the root cause of your problems rather than just masking the symptoms. With Dr. Kinjal's expertise, you can be sure that you're receiving the best care for your skin, hair, and body.


Abha Multispeciality Clinic understands that beauty aspirations are a priority for everyone. That's why the clinic offers premium cosmetic aesthetic treatments at an affordable cost, making them accessible to everyone. Whether you're looking for a simple solution or a more complex one, the clinic provides treatments tailored to your specific needs.


Moreover, Abha Multispeciality Clinic has recently opened another branch in Rajkot at Nirmala road, making it easier for more people to benefit from its services. This is part of Dr. Kinjal's dream to open multiple branches in different countries to help create a disease-free society where everyone can enjoy good health and happiness.

Dr. Kinjal Bhayani Anadkat, the founder of Abha Multispeciality Clinic, is a consultant homeopath with ten years of experience. She completed her degree in 2012 as B.H.M.S. from Saurastra University and then pursued a C.S.D. in 2013 from Meghalaya University. In 2017, she received a fellowship in medical cosmetology (F.M.C.) from Germany Griesfwald University and later earned a diploma in nutrition in 2020.


Apart from running her clinic, Dr. Kinjal also serves as a consultant family physician at Sadguru Ranchod dasji Ashram eye hospital for the past seven years. The Sadguru ashram is a charitable trust in Rajkot that provides free cataract operations and homeopathic medicines at a minimal cost of 30 rupees per week. Dr. Kinjal feels lucky and happy to serve at the ashram and help those in need.


To make healthcare accessible to more people, Dr. Kinjal also provides free consultations at her clinic every Friday. You can reach out to her through various platforms, including social media pages, apps like Lybrate, Practo, and Curofy, or through the contact details provided on her website.


In conclusion, Abha Multispeciality Clinic is a one-stop-shop for all your skin, hair, and body care needs. The clinic offers permanent solutions to your problems with minimal expenditure, making it accessible to everyone. Dr. Kinjal Bhayani Anadkat's expertise and holistic approach ensure that you receive the best possible care, so you can enjoy good health and happiness. Visit Abha Multispeciality Clinic today and experience the difference.


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