Digital marketer Pankaj Agarwal can help you take your business to the next level with BusinessMunim

Digital marketer Pankaj Agarwal can help you take your business to the next level with BusinessMunim

In the market today, there is no dearth of the best digital marketing agencies. However, those who deliver value are rare scenarios and there are very less who are actually working towards client satisfaction.


We all know that the problem remains the same in spite of working and discussing with the digital marketing companies. Even the best ones are not able to deliver. This may be because they have a large number of clients, which stops them from devoting the required amount of time. It may also be that they have less time because of which they are not able to understand the client’s requirements. The reasons could be any or many but the problem is still that the client is not able to achieve their desired results.


In the crowd of such cheap everyday agencies, there is an exception. Meet Pankaj Agarwal of BusinessMunim. Over the last 2 years, Pankaj has served numerous clients, and has been able to generate staggering, and often unbelievable results for his clients. When asked, he says it is because of his knowledge of FB ads. His clients add that it is his tremendous commitment that helps achieve these results.


Take Shalini Jha as an example. She is a Handwriting Trainer. When she came to Pankaj , she was almost completely out of business due to the pandemic. 
In her own words, “Whatever he says, he helps you achieve that”.

In her first 30 days, she earned a revenue of Rs 1.82 Lakhs, crossed 10 Lakhs in just 5 months and crossed 50 Lakhs within 17 months. She is not only making good money, but is enjoying her work and life like never before!

Avijit was told that it was difficult to sell his singing classes via digital marketing. He was trying third party platforms like Urbanpro where he was not getting good results. After the intervention of Pankaj Agarwal, revenues shot up to Rs 6 Lakhs within 3 months of starting. He crossed Rs 88 Lakhs in 21 months with a whopping 410% return on ad spends. Today, he is running his academy successfully. 


“I have burned my fingers from various marketing agencies'' - these were the exact words used by Dr Vivekanand. He was looking for a trustworthy agency and Pankaj was his last resort. He had zero revenue when he joined Pankaj. In his testimonials, he mentioned that Pankaj is the only marketer who had brought in the right quality of leads.
Furthermore, he made 358% returns on his ad spends while teaching Soft Skills to professionals. 

Most of Pankaj Agarwal’s clients are earning lakhs consistently. Pankaj Agarwal has been able to successfully turn around numerous failing businesses and change the livelihoods, and lives of his clients.


When asked about the initial days of his career, Pankaj Agarwal says, “I began working as a software developer at Accenture immediately after graduating from college. In my spare time after work, I was researching digital marketing.


One fine day, I received a phone call from one of my friends from Jaipur. He was looking for a digital marketer for his restaurant. I thought, why not take advantage of this and apply what I'd learned practically? We began collaborating. After the initial success with this venture, I went to work full-time for andMe, an e-commerce company, to expand my marketing skills. There, I was given the opportunity to oversee the digital marketing section, where I was in charge of large marketing budgets on major ad platforms.


Finally, I decided to leave my position and begin assisting business owners in achieving their marketing objectives."


In his own words -

“I believe that we need to reach the correct audience and attract correct leads, and not low cost leads which don’t give business.


Often people have the bad habit of changing ads and business models every other month. All business models work whether it is simple lead generation or webinar or workshop or call funnel model or whatever. You should always keep your DIGITAL SHOP open i.e. you should keep on advertising regularly so that people know you and your brand. Focus on one niche to start with and keep on expanding.


If I have to sum it up, everything works when you know how to make it work


What makes him so special? Pankaj does not run a factory where he allows his students to learn on his client’s budget. He is running the artist’s studio where he is the one who handles all his clients with a well trained team to support him. He works with a few exclusive clients and delivers the best of his own expertise.



The kind of difference Pankaj has been making to businesses of all kind with his digital marketing services must be clear by now. Hence, it's only wise for you to remember his company’s name BusinessMunim if you want to see the same results for your business.


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