Create Impact by Following your Passion, says DID Supermom Fame Shraddha.

Create Impact by Following your Passion, says DID Supermom Fame Shraddha.

One won't be astonished by the heights Shraddha has attained, given the new standards she sets each day. She gained a significant portion of her reputation by participating in the Zee TV program Dance India Dance Supermom. She did an excellent job on the program and made her mark throughout, attracting a sizable audience who adored her and were inspired by her choreography and overall performance. She grabbed 2nd runner-up in the show and was appreciated by everyone.

A mom, daughter, friend and mentor. Shraddha undoubtedly has a beautiful work-life balance where she maintains her professional and personal boundaries in a very healthy way. 

She has tried to transcend the boundaries one may anticipate from a mother or woman. Not just children and other mothers, but many others follow her on the several platforms where she has consistently marked her presence, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

She is the founder of Shraddha's Tapperz Dance Skool, established in 2003, and Tapperz Virtual Studio, launched in 2020.

She is also well known for setting a terrible world record for the most extended nonstop 12-hour online dance therapy session. She has developed and continues to explain why she stands out and how others might do the same. She has always believed in giving back to the community. One way she does this is by founding The Therapeutic Dance Studio, founded in 2020 and focused on providing high-quality dance instruction, training, and fitness. She has trained more than 15k students to date and implanted in them the ability to dance, and her students are diverse in terms of their ages and backgrounds.

Tapperz Dance Skool was founded to train people to follow their passion and give themselves confidence in dancing. Today it has successfully trained working professionals, students, couples etc., and turned them into professional dancers.

She stands out due to her ability to teach 22 distinct dance disciplines while still embodying the same grandeur. She has taken advantage of every platform and method available, including digital ones, with no restrictions. In her studio, she also offers and teaches dance choreography, exercises to help people get in shape, and how to become a trainer for people who wish to continue dancing as a career. From college students to working professionals, menopausal women to children with special needs, her students range widely. She is aware of the beautiful effects of increased productivity, focus, and positivity on a person. Not only does she want to teach others how to dance, but she also emphasizes how any woman may succeed in various other industries.

Her resume also attests to the fact that she is a certified POSH trainer. Her work at MOHAR, which attempts to instill team grooming and self-grooming by learning to become a professional presenter with POSH training at Mohar, goes unnoticed. They paid particular attention to the insane utility of MOHAR for homemakers' grooming. The services at Mohar aid in boosting confidence, enhancing time management abilities, reducing and managing anger, learning to manage WE time, and many other insightful things that benefit a person in many healthy ways. She firmly believes that dancing has enormous benefits for your body, like clearing toxic substances, channeling and fostering creativity, improving confidence, and more. One can learn from her positive outlook on the world and themselves that having an influence doesn't have to be limited by the other obligations one has. 

They train in confidence building, communication skills, and overall personality development. Open to everyone from students to trained professionals. It has achieved a significant amount of love and support from people.

Instead, one should trust in themselves and follow whatever one feels will help one generate value.

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