A MBA turned Yogini- Kanchan Verma Curating wellness for working professionals.

A MBA turned Yogini- Kanchan Verma Curating wellness for working professionals.

“Come to my yoga session, you will feel better” – we all have said this as Therapist or heard this as client. Yes, Yoga sessions can help feel better, we all have benefited much from them. But, one can’t deny the fact that Yoga may NOT always make us feel good.

 Traditionally, Yoga is understood to be a deeply cathartic process that works on our innermost dimensions. If Yoga is practiced with sincerity & faith, a time will invariably come when the ‘ugly’, ‘painful’, ‘dark’ aspects of our personality will have to be confronted. This act of confrontation is called ‘Tapas’ & going through the process is called ‘Tapasyā’. Both Patanjali & Shri Krishna talk about it.

 No matter what one starts with, Asana, Pranayama, or Dhyana, when you open to the Yogic process with sincerity, the process itself will make sure that the mind is thoroughly cleansed. In this sense, Yoga process is like a Pandora’s Box – we don’t know what it will reveal.

 One similar story is of KANCHAN VERMA (MBA turned yogini), Kanchan is a Yoga Therapist, Dietician and Nutritionist, and an Aerial Yoga Expert. She has been practicing yoga form last 7 years and from her yoga practices she has already assisted many working professional to heal their illnesses, sufferings and pain with peace to foster harmony in their body, mind and environment.

After healing ownself successfully with yoga. YOGINI kanchan takes yoga sessions to share benefits of yoga with everyone. Kanchan’s path toward her journey is to see mankind free of despair and anguish, and filled with enduring peace, and happiness. Which began with her own incurable agony.

 When she had postpartum depression, PCOS/PCOD, and severe stomach issues after her delivery. She, like many of us, attempted several home remedies to heal herself, such as walking, running, gymming, cross-fit, Zumba, Tabata, and a calorie restricted diet plan.

 However, she found calm and a remedy to her troubles from Yoga and meditation.

 She miraculously healed herself with yoga, and she did so without the need of medication.

 And from that day on, she began her study of Yoga Therapist through Ayush Ministry, as well as reading books that outlined yoga researches and their implementation.

 Kanchan takes on online yoga sessions in three slots; 6am, 8am and 6pm. These sessions are confronted with eastern style of yoga practice, in which the asanas are used to change the dynamic flow of energy, pranayama, Kriyas, Mudra, Tratak and Dhyan. Which helps working professional to maintain healthy lifestyle and reverse lifestyle diseases. During these sessions she focused mainly on consciousness related to the outside world. Also, bring awareness to the body, breath and mind, in a way that reflects on the body.


 She also includes monthly tips for mindful eating mostly inspired by Indian food.

Further, Kanchan meditation programme’s are now leading individuals of all ages to repair their souls with peace and harmony. During her session, she talks through the client's way of life and other personal profession health defining aspects, and then helps them meditate with best suited approaches customized for them.

 She has treated over 5000 working professionals in the last 7 years and is now helping them through corporate session at both national and global corporations on Stress Management, Lifestyle Reset program, Body and Mind Balance program in many MNCs i.e Softprodigy, Radisson hotels, Sage University, Task Source Pvt Ltd. Xtrim solutions Pvt Ltd, Colonels Academy, HDB financial services pet ltd. etc.

  Kanchan is completely committed to yoga philosophy and lifestyle, as well as maintaining an open heart and a tranquil mind. She works closely with her conventional yoga clients, delivering spiritual retreats that assist others in helping themselves to live a calm and joyful life.

  Here's the link to her wellness batches and to connect with her to make a U-turn in your life for a healthy lifestyle, a tranquil and harmonious mind.