Yellow_youressentials Organic Beauty Brand :Based on Love and Care

Yellow Your Essentials is a personal care and wellness company that takes pride in crafting products made with natural and nourishing ingredients. We are passionate about delivering innovative products, keeping customers at the centre of everything we do. We have over 100 personal care & health care products in our portfolio.

Yellow_youressentials Organic Beauty Brand :Based on Love and Care

A homegrown beauty and cosmetic brand, Yellow-Your Essentials nurtures your skin, hair and body. A preacher of natural ingredients for the betterment of skin and body. Charu Wadhwa, is the founder of Yellow-Your Essentials. "We have a story behind Yellow ,says Charu. Hailing from Dehradun, Uttrakhand, I had a holistic connection with nature, and I was always passionate about skincare and bodycare. From a very young age I have been inquisitive about how to define beauty naturally. But like every one , I relied on beauty products. This pandemic gave me some time to survey and indulge in some DIY. It gave an idea of some serious business thought, then i met with an accident and had to undergo a surgery. While I was supposed to rest and recover, 1000's of thoughts were running in my mind. I made the best use of rest mode by doing all the required research and one fine bright day, 'Yellow- Your Essentials' was born. 

Speaking about why the brand is named Yellow_Your Essentials, "The colour Yellow is associated with the third chakra, or solar plexus chakra, which is all about confidence, manifesting, creativity and being comfortable in one's skin. That is what I wanted to instill in all my users, confidence and comfort in their own skin. Moreover Yellow is the colour of healing. My life was going through healing process so I felt Yellow was what I wanted. 

'Yellow- Your Essentials' have an array of beauty and cosmetic products under it's cover. With something that started with a small thought, has now become a vision to create transformation in your own skin, boost confidence,  be beautiful inside-out and embrace the world. 

With a wide range of products launched already, we are here to embrace the beauty world naturally and organically. Wanting to explain people about the importance of natural products,  auyurvedic authentic healing . Which is so respected in West. People in West love our roots of healing mind, body and soul. Let's be so gracious enough to love our own roots, that's my mission.
With Yellow-Your Essentials I am also into faceyoga healing which helps to boost healing at 10× speed. It treats  lot of diseases like migraine, stress anxiety and thyroid to name a few. 

Yellow- Your Essentials' will be catering to each individuals concern personally and will be providing them personalised skin and hair guidance along will the best solution .
We are here to help contact us at 76685 48772 

My mission is also to empower both genders who wish to work and want to grow in life. I am not holding the female flag. Let’s work and grow together  and contribute to Indian economy.