Safe Hair Transplant – Are you not doing it Safely ? Know how gen3 Hair Transplant at iGraft is the safest way.

Safe Hair Transplant – Are you not doing it Safely ? Know how gen3 Hair Transplant at iGraft is the safest way.

Hair transplants are among the safest forms of cosmetic surgery procedures due to their high success rates and low incidence of significant consequences. They provide natural-looking hairlines that blend in with the rest of your hair and are quite safe. 

At iGraft hair transplant success rate ranges from 97 to 100%.

But there are some restrictions. Hair transplants are typically only safe if they are carried out in a surgically clean environment by a trained, experienced surgeon. And even though many clinics seem to be legitimate, many people have been taken advantage of by smart marketing and referral websites.

How can you determine whether your hair transplant will be a successful, safe surgery then? Here are some things you'll learn:

    1. Areall people undergoing hair transplants safe? Even whilehair transplants are typically safe, not everyone is a good candidate. TheirBlood reports, specially the Blood sugar level is normal. At iGraft thesethings are the first medical SOP to ensure the procedure done is not only givingyou a fine aesthetic look, but also won't give you any kind of side effects ormedical problems later.

  • Recognize unlicensed hair transplant clinics The dangers of hair transplant surgery and how to avoid them. Yes iGraft Clinics in Pune, bangalore, hyderabad & Vijayawada are registered with valid Govt licences to perform.
  • Unrealistic expectations of the results of a hair transplant 

  • Slight hair loss (if it's too early for a hair transplant) 
  • Too much hair loss (if it's too late for a hair transplant) 
  • Trichotillomania -  A medical issue that precludes them from having surgery.

The results of hair transplants are just useless for some of these patients. They may, however, be dangerous to others. In order to establish whether you're a good candidate for surgery, your consultant should inquire about your medical background and inspect your hair and scalp during the appointment.

What dangers are associated with hair transplant surgery? Every surgical procedure carries some risk. The patient (and, to some extent, the surgeon) must decide if the advantages of undergoing aesthetic treatments like and hair transplant as its hazards

Severe medical problems - If the blood sugar or any other medical condition is not upto the marak and without proper investigation the procedure is carried out

Hair transplant failure - In a small number of situations, hair grafts fail, leaving patients with the same hairline they had before surgery.

How can I minimize these dangers?

Fortunately, with proper procedure and care, the majority of hair transplant issues may be avoided. So 

How can you ensure the safety of your hair transplant?

Chooseright place for your procedure, Carry out right blood exam and submit report.Always explain your medical condition specialy blood sugar level, what allmedications are you on...

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