"Mukhauta"- A Poetry Collection by Rajeev Kejriwal published by Bigfoot Publications

"Mukhauta"- A Poetry Collection by Rajeev Kejriwal published by Bigfoot Publications

Life is a mysterious journey filled with ups and downs, and to appreciate the beauty of it, one must learn to embrace both joy and pain. Books have always been a source of guidance and comfort in every stage of life, imparting valuable lessons that shape and connect individuals. Among the countless literary pieces in the market, Rajeev Kejriwal's Mukhauta, a collection of poems in the Hindi language, stands out for its unique ability to capture the essence of human emotions and experiences in words that resonate with readers.


Exploring the Human Experience


Published by Bigfoot Publications, Mukhauta is a masterpiece that delves into various aspects of life's journey, from moments of pure joy to emotional turmoil and everything in between. With a total of 89 poems, each piece evokes different emotions, from hope and love to anger and despair. Some poems build up a crescendo, while others explore the depths of one's soul, leaving readers spellbound and longing for more. The book's simple yet elegant style and straightforward language make it easy for anyone to understand and connect with the poems.


Life Is A Web of Experiences


Rajeev Kejriwal, the author of Mukhauta, believes that life is a beautiful and complex journey that should be embraced, not understood. He emphasizes the importance of cherishing life's happy moments and learning how to navigate through the difficult ones. With Mukhauta, Kejriwal captures these moments, pouring his heart and soul into each poem, and invites readers to join him on this journey of discovery.


About Bigfoot Publications


Bigfoot Publications, founded by Deepak Yadav in 2017, is a Gurugram Haryana-based publication house that distributes books in more than 150 countries. The company's mission is to publish new authors and provide them with a platform to express their thoughts and ideas. They have published over 3000+ genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, academic, and illustrative books in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. From online nationwide distribution in India to offline bookstore submissions in premium stores like Oxford and Crossword, Bigfoot Publications has established itself as a leading publisher in the market.


Summing it up,  Mukhauta is a book that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime. It captures the beauty of life's colors and emotions, reminding readers to embrace both the good and the bad. Rajeev Kejriwal's poetic mastery, coupled with Bigfoot Publication's commitment to publishing new and diverse voices, makes this book a true gem in the literary world.