Catch the Best Caterers in business - NMfoodsbyTanya

Catch the Best Caterers in business - NMfoodsbyTanya

Are you throwing a party? You know you need to have fantastic food. NM foods by Tanya have the most scrumptious, delicious food that will leave your guests starstruck. NMfoodsbytanya is a catering company that caters to wedding events, corporate events, high tea parties, and luncheons. Being a social butterfly and a great host is work enough. Now you can leave the food and service responsibilities to NM Foods and enjoy being a great host.


Nmfoodsbytanya caters to gathering up to 500 people and is also available for your intimate get-togethers of 10- 15 people. 


NMfoodsbytanya was founded by Tanya Mehta & Nita Mehta. Two talented women established in the culinary world, having already made a name for themselves, now want to disrupt the catering industry. Tanya Mehta, a food connoisseur and an expert in food plating and presentation, takes food presentation to another level. “People eat with their eyes first, so food presentation is paramount in catering services,” says Tanya. Nita Mehta, the legendary chef, needs no introduction in the world of Recipes and brings her expertise and experience of over four decades to this catering company. She trains all the chefs, and all cooking operations are carried out under her supervision. “The art of cooking is about the sequence of cooking and the choice of right ingredients to impart the perfect flavour,” adds Nita Mehta, the Recipe Guru.

NMfoodbytanya is like no other catering company. They design the menu with your taste in mind and also provide customised food options.

Each recipe has been carefully crafted, keeping the Indian taste in mind and at the same time not losing the authenticity of the cuisine that they are experimenting with. There’s something for every palette and a menu for every kind of party. NMfoods has you covered, whether it be a casual home party with ten guests, a big fat Indian wedding with over five hundred people, or even a sophisticated corporate luncheon. They also provide Food delivery for individual servings 

 NMfoods is the most customer-centric catering company one can find. They go the extra mile and curate a new menu for every customer to fit the mood and tone of the event. Tanya Mehta enthusiastically added, “We saw a gap in the catering industry that no one serves customised catering to each client. Our style is personalised catering which can be replicated for a big gathering.” Adds Nita Mehta, “Our team of Chefs also makes sure there is no compromise on taste & quality.” Ordering from them is like having a meal at a high-end restaurant.


What are you waiting for? Start prepping for your next event and give them a call. Just provide them with an idea of what you would want and then leave the rest to the professionals and sit back. The fame of nmfoodsbytanya is spreading to international borders, and they have recently been approached to cater to an International event in Antalya (Turkey)


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